Ways to shift your focus from the past to the present

Many people keep thinking about their past over and over again

People think about their past in only two situations, either best or worst thing happened with them in the past.

If people remember the bad times of their past again and again, then they are spoiling their present too because of it.

But they cannot forget that bad incident because they keep thinking why this happened to him.

If you want to get rid of this thing and want to forget your past and live in the present, then you have to follow some things

You should do meditation first and during meditation you should think that whatever happened to you is good

Accept the truth of bad incident and take a lesson from the accident that happened to you and leave it in the past

move forward with that lesson so that you do not have that accident again in future.

Whenever you remember your bad incident, you have to tell your mind that whatever happened to you is good and you will realize it after some time