Urfi Javed Comes Out In Support Of Sheezan Khan In Tunisha Sharma’s Case

Elevision actress Tunisha Sharma’s surprising dying has created a whole lot of buzz and controversies in the industry.

From small display screen actors to many Bollywood actors like Kangana Ranaut have shared their reactions to the suicide case of the actress.

And the latest celebrity to join the list is the internet sensation Urfi Javed who has now come out in assist of Sheezan Khan

and has said that the actor shouldn’t be blamed for the surprising dying of the late actress

Taking to her Instagram stories, Urfi wrote, “My 2 cents on Tunisha’s case, sure he is probably wrong , he would possibly have cheated on her however we can't blame him for her death.

You really can't make a person live with you who doesn’t need to live. Girls no person I REAPEAT NO ONE , is really well worth giving up your treasured existence for.

Sometimes it would simply appear like the cease of the sector however agree with me it’s not.

Think about the people who love you or simply try loving your self a bit harder. Be your own hero. Please give time some time.

Even after suicide the suffering doesn’t end, those which are left at the back of go through even more.”