Trophy being given in FIFA World-Cup made of Agra: trophy and box weight 22 KG, 2 thousand trophies prepared and sent

Even if there is no Indian team in the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Qatar

But a deep bond has been established between India and especially Agra.

The trophy given to the players in the FIFA World Cup and its box have been prepared in Agra.

Adnan Sheikh told that the weight of the trophy and the box is about 22 kg.

The box in it is of 15 kg. The rest of the trophy is of 7 kg.

He told that natural semi-precious stone lapis lazuli has been used in making the box and trophy.

Brass is placed over the stone. Then 22 carat gold plating has been done over it.

This trophy and box are priceless. This stone is found in Africa.

Handcraft has been used in making it.

It has been prepared by the company ADziran.