Tiger Woods accepts fate at Masters

Tiger Woods shows different smiles, including defiance, at a news conference before last year's Masters Tournament.

Woods had a horrific car crash a year ago that nearly cost him his right leg.

Woods now displays a new kind of smile, that of a dignified aging champion aware of his physical limitations.

Woods acknowledges that his leg's ability and endurance will never be the same.

He can't prepare or play as many tournaments as he would like due to his limited physical capabilities.

Woods is coming to terms with the idea that his future may involve fewer tournaments and limited playing opportunities.

He wonders if this could be his last time competing at Augusta National.

Woods jokes about potentially joining the PGA Tour Champions circuit for players over 50, where golf carts are allowed.

He still yearns for victory but is accepting of his physical limitations and changing circumstances.

Woods remains resilient but acknowledges the need to adapt to his evolving situation.