Tatis Jr. speaks post-PED suspension return

Fernando Tatis Jr. returned to the San Diego Padres after a PED-caused suspension and multiple injuries.

He went 0-5 with two strikeouts in his first game back against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Tatis played his first game with the Padres since October 2021 and occupied a new position in right field.

Tatis said he embraced every moment of his return to the field and was happy to be back.

The Padres are happy to have Tatis back and have mixed up their batting order to include him.

Tatis had been performing well in the minor leagues leading up to his season debut.

He needs time to adjust to MLB-level baseball again.

Tatis said he remembers every surgery, process, and moment he went through during his time away from the field.

The Padres hope Tatis' return will help them start winning games again.

Overall, Tatis' return is seen as a positive for the team.