Taliban destroyed 4K ha poppy fields

The Taliban-led counter-narcotics department has destroyed 4,000 hectares of poppy fields in Afghanistan.

The process of destroying poppy fields is ongoing in several provinces.

Over 1,000 people have been arrested in Kabul in connection with drug trafficking and sales.

Farmers whose poppy fields have been destroyed asked the government for alternative crops.

The Taliban-led MoI estimates that there are between 3.5 million and four million drug users in the nation.

The MoI has recently begun a new survey on drug use in the country.

The destruction of poppy fields is part of the Taliban's effort to combat drug trafficking.

Opium cultivation is a major source of income for many farmers in Afghanistan.

The Taliban's actions have been praised by some, but others have criticized the group for not doing enough to support farmers.

The Taliban's counter-narcotics efforts are ongoing as they seek to establish their authority over the country.