Starlink satellites deorbiting, issues reported

Some of SpaceX's recently launched Starlink satellites have been experiencing issues and falling out of their orbits.

One of the satellites, identified as Starlink-30062, fell back to Earth and burned upon reentry.

The satellite was reportedly one of SpaceX's V2Mini satellites, the most recently launched version of the satellite.

Astronomer Jonathan McDowell stated that at least 14 more Starlink satellites are expected to fall out of the sky, though they were already scheduled for retirement.

A total of 3,912 Starlink satellites have been launched into orbit, of which about 305 have reentered and burnt up.

Elon Musk has acknowledged that the V2Mini satellites are experiencing problems and may require deorbiting the entire fleet.

Starlink satellites are left in the upper atmosphere for the last few days in orbit, and their reentry and burn up occur at a random spot on Earth.

The new V2 Minis are believed to add around four times the network bandwidth per satellite compared to prior versions and weigh around 1,830 pounds.

SpaceX's future Starlink launches might use the larger and heavier Starship spaceship, which could potentially revolutionize long-distance space travel.

The goal of SpaceX's Starlink project is to have 7,500 satellites in space to provide internet connectivity, but currently, only around 3,600 satellites are active.