Spears in tears over body shaming

Britney Spears revealed she was left in tears after a fitness trainer made a comment about her body.

Spears shared on Instagram that she had been searching for a personal trainer for two months.

The trainer told her she needed to get her "younger body" back, pinching her stomach and legs.

Spears was confused and upset by the comment.

She reassured her followers that she didn't hire the trainer and shared her workout routine.

Spears said she hates working out for too long and acknowledged that her body is not perfect.

She wanted to share what her body looks like at the moment despite negative comments from others.

Spears has previously spoken about feeling disturbed by comments about her appearance on social media.

She temporarily shut down her Instagram account due to hurtful comments in the past.

Spears expressed that she is just getting started and will continue to share her journey.