School shooting threat deemed hoax

An online school threat caused panic among parents and law enforcement in South Florida.

The threat, which was shared widely, mentioned a specific date and the intention of a school slaughter.

The threat did not specify a school, county, or state, making it vague and difficult to track.

The Martin County School District issued an alert to parents, and similar alerts were sent from other school districts.

The threat led to the deployment of up to 100 deputies for investigation and added security.

Investigators believe the threat is a hoax and not a credible threat.

The Chief Deputy of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office expressed concern that such fake threats could lead to complacency.

He warned that it could be dangerous if people start treating such threats as the new normal.

Law enforcement is trying to identify the person responsible for sending the threat, who will be charged with a felony if caught.

Meanwhile, officials urge everyone to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities.