Ronaldo's partner criticized for leather boots story: Reports

Georgina Rodriguez, star of Netflix show "Soy Georgina", receives criticism for her treatment of friends.

Second season of "Soy Georgina" criticized for lack of authenticity and scripted scenes.

Georgina discusses her relationships with friends in the show.

Fans ridicule Georgina for lending a pair of designer boots to a friend.

Reports suggest Georgina lent the boots to her friend to break them in for her.

Fans express displeasure and criticism on social media over the incident.

Georgina is a Spanish-Argentine model and partner of Cristiano Ronaldo.

"Soy Georgina" sheds light on Georgina's personal life and relationships.

Georgina has two children with Ronaldo.

Critics question the authenticity and genuineness of Georgina's actions in the show.