Rare planetary alignment: 5 planets to be visible in night sky next week

Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Mars will appear in the night sky in a rare five-planet alignment on March 28.

The planets will be visible near a waxing crescent Moon.

Skywatchers will need to find an unobstructed view of the horizon for the best chance of viewing the planets.

Venus will be high in the sky and easier to spot, while Uranus will appear faint and only visible with binoculars.

Mars will shine relatively brighter near the Moon.

This event is not a true planetary alignment where the planets will appear in a line, but it still presents the opportunity to see five different planets in the sky at the same time.

An actual planetary alignment happened in June last year when Mercury, Venus, Mars Jupiter and Saturn aligned in the sky.

That was the first time that truly aligned in the previous eighteen years and such an event will not actually happen for another forty years.

The June event was also special for another reason–the five planets were aligned in the same order as their distance from the Sun.