Putin ally threatens bombing if arrested; EU backs Ukraine deal.

Russian President Vladimir Putin's ally, Dmitry Medvedev, has warned that any attempt to arrest Putin would be considered a declaration of war against Russia.

The warning came after the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant accusing Putin of war crimes for illegally deporting hundreds of children from Ukraine.

In response, European Union leaders endorsed a plan to send 1 million rounds of artillery ammunition to Ukraine within the next 12 months to help the country counter Russia's invasion forces.

Meanwhile, Ukraine's troops are preparing to launch a counterassault as Russia's huge winter offensive weakens without capturing the eastern city of Bakhmut, according to the top ground forces commander.

Ukrainian officials have reported that their air defenses have intercepted two cruise missiles fired at the Odesa region, marking the second such incident in a week.

The Kh-59 missiles were apparently fired at the Odesa region, indicating a possible escalation of hostilities.

The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia has caused widespread devastation, and the EU's decision to supply ammunition to Ukraine reflects a growing concern over the situation in the region.

However, the warning from Putin's ally suggests that tensions between Russia and the West are unlikely to subside anytime soon.