Priyanka-Nick collab: creating together. Unsure if Hindi

Priyanka Chopra's upcoming romantic comedy "Love Again" is set to release in India on May 12, 2023.

The film also stars Priyanka's husband, Nick Jonas.

Priyanka plays the role of Mira, an artist grieving the death of her fiancé.

She attempts to find love through a dating app but fails miserably.

She then goes on a disastrous date with a personal trainer played by Nick Jonas.

Priyanka and Nick are working on producing shows and creating content together.

They may work together in a film in the future, but it's uncertain if it will be a romantic role.

Love Again also features Celine Dion and new songs by her.

The film is directed by Jim Strouse.

The trailer of the film gives a glimpse of Priyanka and Nick's disastrous date.