Prince William's surprise visit to troops at Ukraine border

Prince Charles made a surprise visit to British troops stationed in a military base in Rzeszow, Poland near the Ukrainian border to express his gratitude for their service and for supporting the Ukrainian war effort.

The visit was kept under wraps until the Prince returned to Warsaw.

British troops have been stationed in Rzeszow to provide support to Ukraine.

During the visit, Prince Charles met with Polish defense minister Mariusz Blaszczak, spoke with Polish and British soldiers, and checked out military equipment.

He also visited a center housing 300 Ukrainian women and children displaced by the war in Warsaw.

This is the royal's first visit to Poland since he visited the country in 2017 with his wife.

Poland has pledged to stand resolutely with Ukraine since the start of the war and was the first NATO ally to send fighter jets to its neighbor.

No comment has been provided by the Prince of Wales' representatives to Insider.