Pitt LGBTQ task force demands trans-inclusive care, housing

University of Pittsburgh’s LGBTQ task force demands expansion of housing and healthcare for transgender students.

The task force called for three fully staffed, in-person resource centers dedicated to LGTQIA+, disability and BIPOC communities.

They demanded the university de-escalate crises on campus through trained mental health providers.

The task force urged the university to provide a minimum pay of $20 an hour and matching rate of inflation +1% for all university workers.

Riley Gaines, a 12-time All-American swimmer, faced chaos at University of Pittsburgh as activists tried to prevent her speaking appearance at the college.

Gaines objected to trans swimmer Lia Thomas participating in women’s sports, leading to nationwide attention.

Democrat state Rep. La’Tasha D. Mayes questioned University of Pittsburgh Chancellor Patrick Gallagher's choice to allow speakers to question transgender ideology on campus.

Gallagher defended the right of speakers to visit the campus.

The University of Pittsburgh has recently been embroiled in controversy.

The LGBTQ task force called for a "walkout" on Tuesday.