New book by Trump to include letters from Oprah, Kim Jong Un, Obama and more

Trump's new book, "Letters to Trump," contains private letters from celebrities and politicians, including Obama, Bush, Nixon, Winfrey, and Jackson.

The book also includes letters from Princess Diana and foreign leaders, including Kim Jong Un and former Brazilian President Bolsonaro.

The letters contained in the book serve as a time capsule of a pre-political era for Donald Trump, when he was simply a New York celebrity considering a presidential run.

They also include correspondence from various strongmen that Trump has maintained contact with, both before and after his tenure in the White House, as he prepares for a potential third run.

During a phone call with reporters to discuss the book, Trump remarked, "We received numerous letters from both impressive and not-so-impressive individuals, to be honest with you.

However, they are all very well-known figures. I don't think there has ever been such a diverse range of people who have written to me."

Given the ongoing federal investigation into Trump's handling of presidential records, including allegations of classified materials being stored at his Mar-a-Lago club, these letters have taken on a renewed significance.