Musk threatens Microsoft over a job posting

Elon Musk threatens legal action against Microsoft for using Twitter's data without permission for training AI models.

Microsoft announced that it will drop Twitter from its advertising platform instead of paying API fees.

Starting on April 25, Smart Campaigns with Multi-platform will no longer support Twitter.

Musk accuses Microsoft of piggybacking off the Twitter database and not paying for it.

Twitter stopped the free API service to 3rd party apps and developers previously in February.

Twitter charges $42,000 for access to 50 million tweets, $125,000 for 100 million tweets, and $210,000 for the highest plan with 200 million tweets.

Musk is launching his own AI company and a new language model called TruthGPT.

Tech personalities, including Musk, sent an open letter advocating for a pause on AI developments citing risks to society.

Other social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn will continue to be available on Microsoft's platform.

API is becoming another gold rush in tech, and Musk states that companies using Twitter's data should pay for it.