Macron's watch offends protesters during pensions talk

French President Emmanuel Macron faced criticism after removing his expensive watch during a TV interview about pension reforms

Macron's gesture caught the attention of the audience and went viral on social media.

He was shown briefly taking off his watch while discussing the plans to raise the pension age from 62 to 64.

The opposition politicians called him the "president of the rich" and accused him of being disconnected from the average citizen.

The Elysee Palace denied that Macron removed the watch to hide it but because it was clinking against the table.

The watch's value, made by French company Bell & Ross, ranges between €1,600 to €2,400.

Millions of people have protested against Macron's reforms, and his approval rating has dropped to 28%, the lowest since the Yellow Vest protests in 2018.

Macron's claims of improving minimum wage earners' purchasing power were contrasted with his watch's value