Kissinger warns of AI arms race

Henry Kissinger, despite his age and health issues, remains relevant on a global scale.

He is respected by world leaders and could still make phone calls to President Xi and Putin.

Kissinger believes that the crisis in Ukraine may reach a turning point soon.

He is skeptical of older people running for president due to physical limitations.

Kissinger has been involved in nuclear policy for decades and believes it is an accomplishment that they have not been used in 75 years.

He helped set the stage for Nixon's historic visit to China and believes their reentry into the international system was inevitable.

However, China's potential military action against Taiwan is a concern and could lead to a dangerous war between two high-tech countries.

Urgent attention is needed to address this issue.

Kissinger would be willing to advise on such matters if called upon.

He remains a respected and influential figure in global politics.