Kim Jong Un's daughter will become the next dictator! Why is the world scared of Zooey?

The daughter of North Korea's ruler Kim Jong-un has appeared with her father twice in a row.

In such a situation, discussion has started whether this daughter of Kim Jong-un will be the next successor of North Korea.

Kim Jong-un has often kept his personal life away from the limelight.

During the missile test on 18 November, his daughter was also present with Kim Jong Un.

However, all these are mere discussions, which have not been officially confirmed.

Korea Central Agency or official sources in any way have not disclosed the name of Kim Jong's daughter.

Experts believe that Kim Jong Un's daughter's name is Kim Ju-ae

This was first disclosed by retired NBA player Dennis Rodman.

He had told that during his stay in North Korea, he had met the younger daughter of the ruler there.

Intelligence has also told that Kim Jong Un has three children. They have two daughters and one son.

South Korea's intelligence agency National Intelligence Service said that the girl seen in the photo is Kim Jong Un's second daughter.