Katy Perry's rude behavior toward Lionel Richie

Katy Perry, a judge on the ABC singing competition American Idol, was accused of leaving fellow judge Lionel Richie out and talking over him during an episode.

Katy appeared to interrupt Lionel as they were chatting with Idol contestants Elijah McCormick and Lucy Love before their duet performance of "My Girl."

Critics expressed frustration on Reddit, noting that Katy often talks over Lionel and positions herself towards fellow judge Luke Bryan.

Some viewers felt that Lionel is often ignored and excluded by Katy and Luke's dynamic on the show.

This is not the first time Katy has faced backlash for her behavior on American Idol, with some viewers vowing to boycott the competition.

In a recent episode, Katy was also criticized for scolding and eliminating a contestant, Carina DeAngelo, along with her duet partner Nutsa Abuza, after their performance.

Fans felt that Katy's reaction to the performance was harsh and that Carina's elimination was unfair.

The judges, including Lionel, had criticized the duet performance as underwhelming, but some viewers felt that Katy's response was overly critical.

Nutsa was allowed to continue to the next round, while Carina was sent home.

Some fans expressed disappointment with Katy's behavior on the show and called for more inclusivity and respect towards Lionel.