India is 7th oldest country in the world: Do you know which is the oldest?

According to a list by the World Population Review (WPR), India is the seventh oldest country in the world by date of earliest known organized government.

 As per the review, India's earliest known government was founded in 2000 BCE. 

In the list by WPR, Iran has been considered as the oldest country in the world. Iran's government was founded in 3200 BCE, the WPR report mentioned.

Here are the countries that the World Population Review considers to be the oldest in the world based on the date of the earliest known organised government:

1. Iran - 3200 BCE

2. Egypt - 3100 BCE

3. Vietnam - 2879 BCE

4. Armenia - 2492 BCE

5. North Korea - 2333 BCE

6. China - 2070 BCE

7. India - 2000 BCE