Indian couple is fighting a case for the return of one and a half year old girl from Germany, Ministry of External Affairs said – every help will be given

The Ministry of External Affairs on Friday issued a statement on the case of an Indian child currently in foster care in Germany.

The ministry says that consular services are being provided to the family and talks are on with the German authorities.

It is noteworthy that an Indian couple is seeking custody of their one and a half year old child.

Parents believe their baby was taken away by German authorities at just seven months old following an incident at home

and the child is with them for the last eight months

Since then the couple has been fighting to get their baby girl back.

Ariha was born in February 2021 in Berlin and seven months later the baby suffered an injury

The parents took the child to the doctor for treatment.

Children's Services and the police then intervened and took the child away.

The Government of India has been intervening with the German authorities in this matter for more than a year from September 2021