Hader, Wong reunite after split

Bill Hader and Ali Wong are officially dating again, confirms Hader's rep to Page Six.

Hader referred to his "girlfriend" in a new interview with Collider, which his rep confirmed was Wong.

They had a brief romance last year, following their respective breakups from Anna Kendrick and Justin Hakuta.

They dated for two months before splitting due to their busy schedules, but it was amicable and they remained friends.

Initially, they kept the relationship private, with only a small circle of A-list comedians knowing about it.

The couple was spotted in Wong's hometown back in January.

Hader had mentioned wanting a vacation with his girlfriend after not having one for 10 years.

Both Hader and Wong are successful comedians in their own right.

Fans are excited to see the couple back together and wish them the best.

They join the long list of celebrity couples who have broken up and reunited.