"Ghosted" review: Chris Evans loves Ana de Armas, a spy

Every film era is defined by unique movies that couldn't have been made at any other time.

The cinema of the 1970s is synonymous with scuzzy vigilante stories, while the late 90s were known for Shakespearean high school movies.

Apple TV+’s “Ghosted” is a paint-by-numbers action movie that feels forgettable and was made without any real financial interest in being good.

“Ghosted” lazily borrows from a litany of Hollywood blockbusters and constantly betrays its lack of effort.

“Ghosted” is just happy to evoke the concept of entertainment to convince the stock market that Apple is investing money.

“Ghosted” may represent the final whimper before Netflix competitors retreat and invest in higher-quality movies.

“Ghosted” wastes a fun group of actors on a bad Atlanta green screen and a script that feels like it was written by an AI.

Ana de Armas plays a CIA super-spy, while Chris Evans plays agriculture nerd Cole Riggan, a loser who lives in his parents' guest house.

The plot revolves around Cole trying to surprise Sadie (de Armas) with a second date in London, only to find himself targeted by a ruthless French arms dealer.

“Ghosted” is a casual, paint-by-numbers action-comedy that asks very little of its audience and reliably stifles any jokes or mood that might make the audience feel something.