Game 2 Avs-Kraken: Studs rebound, Duds struggle

Georgiev played a crucial role in keeping Seattle from scoring more than two goals.

Toews made a bad mistake early in the game but redeemed himself with aggressive play that led to two crucial goals.

Toews and Girard dominated the Kraken when on the ice together, with 17 shots on goal and 13 scoring chances.

Byram was Colorado's best offensive defenseman, with eight shots on goal and an assist.

Makar had a strong offensive showing but made mistakes on the two Seattle goals.

The new top pairing for Colorado will continue playing together.

Lehkonen was a playoff-style player with a goal, an assist, and a stat-stuffing performance.

Colorado needed all of Lehkonen's contributions to win the game.

The Avs required better goaltending this postseason than last, and Georgiev delivered.

The Avs' defense activated more in the third period, creating the offense they needed to tie the series.