Frank Ocean cancels Coachella 2nd weekend set

Frank Ocean has pulled out of his headline slot at Coachella's second weekend.

The musician's performance during the opening weekend disappointed and baffled many fans.

A leg injury prompted last-minute changes to that show, which included an onstage ice rink being melted.

Blink-182 will replace Ocean on the bill for the second weekend.

Ocean's set last week was his first US performance in six years.

He was supposed to headline the festival in 2020, but those shows were scrapped due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Representatives for Ocean said he withdrew from the coming weekend's performance on doctor's orders.

Ocean's leg injury prevented him from performing during the second weekend due to two fractures and a sprain.

His comeback rehearsals lasted months, but the show often stuttered to a halt.

Despite the setbacks, there were some highlights, and Ocean dedicated the show to his brother who died three years ago.