Explainer: Why do earthquakes cause so much devastation in Indonesia, why this 'Ring of Fire' country

Indonesia is a country where natural disasters occur a lot.

Recently, a 5.6 magnitude earthquake in Java has caused a lot of destruction there.

In this, more than 160 people have been killed, so there has been a massive loss.

This year, 04 major earthquakes have occurred in Indonesia, whose intensity ranges from 5.5 to 6.6.

The earthquake belt on which Indonesia is located is also known as the Ring of Fire in the Pacific region.

There is always danger of not only earthquake but also volcano and tsunami.

This is a country which constantly faces natural calamities.

Actually this happens in Indonesia because this area comes in the 'Ring of Fire' area.

This area located along the edge of the Pacific Ocean is the most dangerous land in the world.

Where many volcanoes keep on erupting and strong earthquakes occur.

Due to the earthquake, tsunami is born in the seas around it.

This area of the Ring of Fire is spread over a radius of about 40 thousand km.