Dominion settles defamation suit with Fox News

Dominion CEO John Poulos said Fox News admitted to lying about Dominion in a $787.5 million settlement.

The lies caused damage to Dominion, its employees, and customers.

Dominion sought accountability and the settlement represents a victory for truth and accountability.

Attorney Justin Nelson said lies have consequences and caused grievous harm to Dominion and the country.

The attorney urged for a commitment to facts for democracy to endure.

Fox News anchors will not have to acknowledge on-air that they lied about Dominion.

The settlement is the largest publicly known defamation settlement in US history involving a media company.

ABC News paid $177 million in 2017 after its legal dispute with Beef Products Inc.

The settlement is a ringing endorsement for truth and accountability.

The country must remain vigilant to find common ground.