Cyber fraud removed one lakh from woman's account

Sarhasa. In the district, the case of withdrawal of about one lakh rupees by cyber fraud from the account of a woman of Sakrauli village of Sardiha Panchayat of Bakhtiyarpur police station area has come to light.

Lakshmi Devi, wife of Kishore Rai, resident of Sakrauli ward number-2, has pleaded for justice by filing an application at Bakhtiyarpur police station on Tuesday.

According to the application, the victim has an account in the State Bank of India located in Sardiha village.

About Rs 1 lakh 6 thousand were withdrawn through cyber fraud.

In the complaint given to the police, he said that my money has been transferred to the State Bank of India account located in Sihaul Bazar of Bihra police station in the district.

He told that money was withdrawn from the account from April 10, 2021 to October 6, 2022.

All the money was transferred to Bihra. The account of Janardan Sah of the police station area has gone.

While I have not withdrawn the money, nor have I ever sent it to the account of the opposition Janardan Sah.

Without making any transfer, illegal withdrawal was made from my said account by cyber fraud. On the other hand, the police has started investigating the matter.