Bieber's fashion fails: Blanket attire & saggy jeans

Justin Bieber has been known for his questionable fashion choices, and this was evident when he did not walk with his wife, Hailey, to the recent Vanity Fair After-Oscars party.

While Hailey posed for photos in her smart attire, Justin chose to sit quietly in a corner.

However, his choice of clothes was hardly quiet.

He entered the party through a side door wearing jeans and an oversized blue and pink blanket that people could hardly ignore.

This was not the first time that Justin has opted to wear a blanket.

In fact, he covered himself with a crochet blanket on two earlier occasions - one in 2016 and another on a dinner date with Hailey in January this year.

Later in the night, Justin was spotted wearing low-rise blue jeans that threatened to fall off his tender frame.

Meanwhile, Hailey looked smartly dressed in blue jeans and a black leather jacket as they walked alongside each other.

Despite Justin's fashion choices not always being well received, he has been known to make bold fashion statements.

It remains to be seen if he will continue to take fashion risks or if he will opt for a more conventional look in the future.