6 Things Men Secretly Find Attractive In Women Revealed

YOU HAVE the power to win him over with certain actions, whether done consciously or unconsciously

 It can be your dimples, a soft smile, or the way you gaze at him. Continue reading to find out more about these minor qualities about you that he finds appealing.

Men find body piercings more attractive the more discrete they are.

Some men locate baggy hair appealing, in particular when it seems notable with out effort.

We're talking about how you smell naturally, without perfume or deodorant, which attracts men.

Guys have certain erogenous places on their necks, and massaging those points calms both their body and mind. 

Intimacy between two people in a relationship can also be increased through massage. Men feel at ease when your girl's smooth, gentle hands touch their bodies.

He will lean toward you and close his eyes as you run your fingers through his hair. 

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 Men's clothing is not made to fit a woman's body's natural curves. As a result, when you put them on, the clothes are displayed to them in a new way.