5 tips for men to win a woman's heart

It is one factor to impress a female and another to make her fall in love with you for life.

The latter necessitates now no longer only your persistent efforts however additionally proper respect, interest in her, and the establishment of a strong emotional foundation that lasts for a lifetime.

Dr. Priyanka Bakhru, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapist; Clinical included Therapist and Counsellor gives 5 recommendations for guys to strengthen relationship with their partner.

If you want loyalty and support from your women, you must open up and be vulnerable. Authority isn’t the way to gain your partner’s genuine loyalty. 

 But if she knows your feelings, your worries and knows you trust her to help, she will be your strongest cheerleader

 A strong, happy relationship is formed when we allow ourselves and our partner to feel free to be a person before a stereotype.

Accepting and loving your partner’s quirks, insecurities and unique traits creates a safe, joyful relationship

listening to her, paying attention to her concerns or communicating your reasons with respect.

 Avoid showing up an egoistic, reticent man who is too busy or too important to engage fully.

Nothing works on a woman’s sense of feeling special like a plan made by you for the two of you. Without being asked or hints being given.