thought of the day-14aug2022

Before seeing what you have missed in your life, see what you can get if you want

We all have a very bad habit that we all waste time when we find that we have a lot of time to do something. For example- Your college has a presentation on Monday and today is Saturday. So you have two full days to prepare your presentation but as you know and me also almost every student will start to prepare their presentation on Sunday evening or night obviously the exceptions are always there but 99.9% will do the same until their brain will start to pressurize them.

Now what will happen to us in such a situation, our mind will give us the message that we have already wasted a lot of time, how can we prepare the presentation in such a short time. Students take a lot of pressure of presentation in their mind because they are always worried that they will have to present in front of other students and teachers and so when they prepare the presentation they think about the future and not for the present. They think when will I prepare the presentation, when will I practice my presentation. They waste much of their time in thinking even before starting their presentation.


In this situation you should calculate the total number of hours you will have before the presentation and think about what you have instead of what you have lost. This thought will relax you and inspire you from inside that you still have time and you can complete that work on time. But you should not follow it every time because wasting time is not a good habit. You should improve yourself and try to complete your important tasks first.

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