Best book to read for personality development | Which book should I read first for self-improvement?

If you want to improve your personality, mind and confidence then you should start reading books. Reading books is the best way to improve all these things at the same time. Today all successful people tell that reading books is the secret of their success and there is no doubt in it because following are the benefits of reading a book:

  • It helps to not be afraid to try something new
  • Helps you advance yourself in your work, career and life
  • Provides you the right direction regarding your career and life
  • Makes your thinking different and unique from others
  • Changes the way you see your work and the world
  • Helps you not to give up in the journey of your success
  • Helps eliminate procrastination problem from your life
  • strengthen your personality

If you also start reading books, then every day you feel a different good change in your body. You will feel that your mind is guiding you, your body is more comfortable than ever in public places, your communication is improving.

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Now, here question arises that reading books is ok. but which book should I read first for your self-improvement and personality development because only good books can help you in self-improvement among all those books that are available in market.

Today in this article I will share with you the names of only those books from which you can start your book reading journey for your self-improvement and personality development. All the books are suggested by successful people who have already read the book and achieved incredible things in their life. Let’s start:

1) As a man thinketh- Famous motivational speaker and Indian entrepreneur Sandeep Maheshwari said in a video over his channel “This book is one of the most amazing book that he ever read, Small and thin book but an amazing book.” If we talk about the specialty of this book, then this book has been written on the power of thoughts. You become what you think. After reading this book you will realize the power of your thoughts.

2) Zero to one- This book is suggested by Elon Musk who is one of the most richest man of this world and CEO of electric car company Tesla and Space agency SpaceX. This book is great for those people who want to run their business in upcoming time and already running their business. This book has already got the tag of best selling book internationally. This book will help you generate new and unique ideas for your work.

3) How the world really works- This book is suggested by the CEO of Microsoft Bill Gates. The writer of this book is vaclav smil. He is a professor in an university in Canada. Inside this book you will find out how world work and you will get to know the reality of world. In short, this book will open your eyes about the world and the people of the world.

4) Dreams with your eyes open- This book is suggested by Piyush Bansal, Founder, Lenskart. As the name of this book suggests, this book will help you to make your dream come true. This book will give you the direction and strength to make your dreams come true and earn money from your dreams.

5) Built to last- This book is recommended by Jeff Bezos, founder, Amazon. Every person faces failures and lots of troubles during his life journey of success. Some person give up and some not. This is the book that provide you energy and strengthen to fight with all those failures and troubles.

6) Think and grow rich- This book is recommended by motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari. This book was written by the Napoleon Hill and it was published in the year of 1937 But still after many years of publication people still buy this book because this is really amazing book to open your mind properly. In this book the author talks about the ideas that rich people think in their journey to success. This book will make your journey to success easier.

Do personality development books help?

Yes, personality development books help very much to a person. If you read the book you see many changes inside you. Changes you notice after reading personality development books are:

  • You will start to explore new things.
  • your imagination will be over the next level.
  • you will more creative and unique.
  • If you will face any trouble and problem, you will know how to handle it properly.
  • Your entire life cycle will change and you will start giving first priority to your important work.
  • You will feel more happy and energetic.
  • Your way of looking and thinking for things will change
  • you will achieve your success soon

Personality Development books are not just books but they are people’s experience of years which they tell you through a book so that you can achieve success in life and don’t make the mistakes which successful people did during their journey.

How can I develop my personality?

Best way to develop your personality for self-improvement is to read books. All successful people read books everyday. you should also read books to become successful in your life. If you read books everyday then your personality will start developing automatically.

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