objectives of performance appraisal

What is performance appraisal?

Performance appraisal is a systematic process to evaluate the performance of employees in the organization to check the real capability of organization employees.

This process happens after a specific period of time in the organization. for example- after every 6 months, after every one year. Transfers and promotions all happens in the organization on the basis of performance appraisal.

objectives of performance appraisal

1) To keep employee’s Performance record– One of the most important objectives of performance appraisal is to keep employee’s performance record so that further organization can determine compensation packages, wage structure, salaries raises, promotions, transfers, etc. on the basis of performance of employee in the organization.

2) helps to find out right person for right job- performance appraisal also helps to identify the strength and weaknesses of employees in the organization and on the basis of their strength and weaknesses organization place right men on right job.

3) To find out actual capability of employee- On the basis of performance appraisal, we can find out that what is actual capability of employee and as per of that we can train them. For example- There is a person working in organization. His mental and logic work is enough good then his physical work but in organization he does physical work more. In this case, organization is not getting 100% utilization from his employee. but after performance appraisal, organization can find out actual capabilities of employee and get maximum utilization from the employees.

4) Fully utilization of human resources- After doing performance appraisal, organization can find out what is actual capacities of employees that are working and as per of their capabilities, organization take the decision of promotion and transfer of employee, so that they can get 100% benefit from their human resource.

5) helps employee to improve their performance- After performance appraisal, employer can provide a feedback to employees regarding their performance and related status and as per of that feedback, employee can improve their performance in the organization to improve their lacking areas.

6) To motivate other employees- This work motivate those employee who show some laziness in their work because when they will see that company is enhancing all things of employee on the basis of performance appraisal then they will also do their work properly and accurately.


Why is performance appraisal important?

Performance appraisal is most important for organization and employee both. Let’s discuss how:-

  • How performance appraisal is important for organization
    • 100% utilization of human resource
    • Increment in profits
    • organization can meet its goal easily
    • high Employee satisfaction
    • Daily smooth working without any hinderance
    • Growth of organization increases
    • increase the value of organization in the market
    • organization can easily find out right person for right job
    • make other employee motivated
  • How performance appraisal is important for employee
    • Provide right amount of salary and wages as per of work
    • growth and development of employee through trainings and work
    • having enough experience in a specific field
    • fully satisfied
    • get promotions and increment in remuneration
    • getting chance to improve the lacking areas in work through feedback

Purpose of performance appraisal

Following are purpose of performance appraisal:-

  • Employee can do their work 100% effectiveness and efficiency
  • organization can fulfill his settled goals on time
  • Employee can get right amount for their work
  • to find out what is capabilities of different employee
  • To let employee realize how they are working
  • To provide employee accurate feedback about how they are doing in organization
  • To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of work in the organization
  • To pay fair wages to the employee
  • To keep employee satisfied
  • To find out right person for right working department

women rights

meaning of women right

In a very simple language women right means to let the women do all those things that she want to do.

People in the family think they have right to control their house woman and this is only because woman listen them and do all works as per what other people are saying in the family but they do not know woman in the house doing all works as per them because she loves and respect everybody in the family but people started to think that their house woman cannot do anything without their guide and this is wrong.

Why should we fight for women’s rights?

It is right of women to do all those things that they want to do and nobody in this world has right to stop them. Today, everybody is independent to make his or her all decisions and do all those things that they like.

If we understand this point through an example then I want that every boy look at his sister, mother. Do you like if your mother and sister spend their whole day in the kitchen and doing household works.

In childhood father think that his daughter is dependent on him and that’s why he do all those things that he likes. If he do not like that his daughter go to school and become an educated person then he will not send her school. Same like this, daughter follow all the things that his father wants about her.

After marriage, Women become dependent on husband automatically because since childhood she only learn how to depend on others. First father and then husband. In this type of thing, Women never spend the life that she wants and it is just like a person in the prison without any type of crime. That’s why it is very important we should fight for women right.

Why is there so much controversy over women’s rights?

There are so much controversy over women’s right. Some are political controversies, some religious and other controversies.

These controversies are all because of the odd things that people are constantly following from many years. Now, If anybody try to break these weird things and want to fight for women right then that person will have to fight with the whole community that is following things about women for many years and It is very difficult to change the mentality of so many people simultaneously by one or few people only.


Do men care about women’s rights?

Every man has his own thinking that’s why some men do care about women’s right some not.

Men who believe that women is strong too same like them and can do all those things that a man do and try to support women in every possible way then this type of man care about women’s right.

How can we support women’s rights?

Supporting the women’s right is not a big task and it is also not like you should only follow the things that written in law under women’s right.

To support women’s right you just need to compare women with men and find out is women getting all those right and opportunities that men getting. If not, then you should give that right and opportunity to women too. Like this we can support women’s right.

Why are women’s rights and gender equality important?

Women’s right and gender equality is most important for growth of a family and country both.

If women will not get equal right and opportunity then man will think his woman is totally dependent on him and he would start to treat himself like god and start to consider that if he leave his family women then where they will go and this thing would make him greedy, angry, and aggressive. And in this type of family, there is always fight.

If we say in simple words then in this type of family man never give respect to woman and always do fight with her. and this thing make the life of women hell.

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