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Some time in our life things happen beyond our thinking. We never imagined that thing in our life but still we have to face that. This thing can be good or bad both. All good and bad things leave many experiences behind that teach us most important lessons of life. We should follow these lessons to not repeat same mistake again in our life. Every thing happen in our life just because our actions and our way to speak. Today, we will discuss about most important life lessons that other great people teach us from their experiences and mistakes. If you follow these rules you will learn a lot from this and people will start to give you more respect and value because people will start to see these lessons in your actions.

good life lessons

1) Life is too short to waste time hating anyone

This is as clear as water that life is too short to waste time hating anyone. There are two types of hate in this world. Just read my world clearly. This point is very important for you all for your life. Two type of person that hate some one. First is those people that are jealous from someone and always want to hurt them mentally and physically both and always hate them. This type of people do very bad with other person and try to hurt them as much as possible because of hate and jealously. Because of this reason other person also start to having hate for other person (this is second type). And many people spend their whole life in this game of hateness. I will recommend you if you have this type of situation in your life just stay away from these type of people and live your life happy as you want. Do hard work, find different ways to earn money, and enjoy your life.

2) Never depend on anyone

This life lesson can change your way to see the world. Dependency on anyone will feel other person like I am the owner of that person who dependent on me. If you live in a rented house. The owner of the house can say you to leave the house in the night too and you will have to do that because you are live in the house of the person. Even you pay rent to landlord but still you cannot do anything. Some person live independent life from their childhood because their parents have all things their own house, business and other things. But some person are not like this. But they can be like this if they want. They have to find their own ways to become like this because today, there are many ways to earn a lot of money and this thing will make them independent in just few years. If you want to know about different ways to earn money comment me I would definitely tell you. The person who become self independent can achieve many things in life because this type of person go through from many lesson and many skills during the success journey. I will suggest you if you parents have everything, reject all those things to take and try to earn and become self-dependent from your own. This thing will teach you many incredible things in your life. You can learn skills from your parents about how they are earning money in their life. This thing will help you in your success journey. Slowly and gradually, you will become independent if you do hard work.

3) Follow rule, take respect give respect

You must have heard about the line give respect take respect. This line means first you give respect then other person give you respect too. but there is no guarantee if you give respect to other person, that person will give you respect too in return. Just talk with every person politely and with happy face. If you realize the person is giving you respect, you should start to give respect to that person too. Giving high respect to other person and the other person is not respecting you will highly decrease your value for other person and other person will always try to push you below him. This rule is applicable on every person weather he is elder from you and younger from you. Some people respect other people just because they are elder from them and elder people never respect them. This is wrong if elder people respect you then you should respect them too only otherwise no need because every elder, middle, and younger, every body, every thing deserve respect from each other in this world.

4) Pay off your credit cards every month

If you are child, then this thing is for you. find a way to manage money that can only bear your monthly expenses so that you can know about the value of money and how much money matters for you and others. This thing will help you to not waste the money and increase your value in eyes of others because other know you earn your money and everybody like that person who can earn money and can bear his own expenses.

5) Leave past behind

Many person face a lot of bitter incidents in their life. These bitter incidents leave very deep impact on a person’s life and they remember that incident in their mind permanently and create their own thinking about the incident. This thing will never let you live in your present time. How can person properly enjoy his present if his mind is always thinking about past. This type of people always make many mistakes in their life because their mind and body experiences different time zones. Many people want to stop this thing but they fail to do this. They want keep their mind in present time but after some time they again start to think about past things. If you also want to get rid from this problem then do one thing take a copy and pen and write all those things that come in your mind about the past incident. What was good, what was bad, your mistakes in that incident. Write all things. After writing all these things you will start to experience that you are forgetting the past things and start to enjoy your present. Follow this method every time when you feel sad about something in your life. You will surely feel relief.

6) Have faith in yourself

The person who have faith in himself can achieve anything in life. Never lost faith in yourself. Never compare yourself with others. Never think low about yourself. Do the work that you want in your life and have faith that you can do that work. Many people have lack of faith in themselves that’s why they afraid to do big things in their life. But If they start to do faith in themselves then slowly and gradually they will see miracles are happening with them because first they will take small steps and decisions in their life. After this when they will realize that their decisions are making them successful then they will start to take big decisions of their life and this thing will increase their faith in themselves and decrease the fear of become unsuccessful in their life.


1) What are some good life lessons?

  • Be kind with the person who is kind for you
  • Create your own rules from your life experiences
  • Never hesitate to talk with someone
  • Never hesitate to take actions

2) What is the main lesson of life?

Ans. Never hurt anyone from your actions and communication

3) What are some life changing lessons?

  • Always keep your communication sound smooth and understandable when you talk with someone
  • Always have a happy smile during talk with someone
  • Make sure no one will feel insulting because of you
  • Never make negative thinking

4) What are the hardest life lessons?

Ans. If somebody told you bad things about yourself just listen to them calmly and do work to improve them.

5) What makes a happy life?

Ans. Never interfere in other people’s work and make sure other people also never interfere in your work.

6) What are hidden rules in life?

Ans. Lessons that your learn from your own experiences are hidden rules in life.

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