how to relax your mind

Today, It is very difficult for a person to keep his mind relax and calm because there are many factors in life of person that give them a source of joy and happiness but not good for their body and mind. That’s why people feel stressed, anxious, lazy, and depressed all day. If mind would be stressed then no one can do their daily activities effectively and have to deal with a lot of laziness to complete their daily works. Today, in this article, we will discuss about how a person can relax his mind. Before this, I want to tell you what changes will you see If you follow the information of this article honestly:-

  • No laziness
  • Improve communication skill
  • Increase working capacity in work
  • Increase thinking capacity
  • Improve your body language
  • Improvement in focus
  • Other’s will start to like you and give you more respect then before
  • Open your mind to tackle any type of problem
  • You will be always clear in your thoughts
  • Situation will be in your control, you will be not in situation’s control

5 effective ways to relax

1) Meditation:- Meditation is one of the best effective way to relax your mind. Meditation means to sit at a calm place, close your eyes and focus on a point. This thing help you to increase your focus and concentration and because of good focus and concentration you will be like a unique person in front of others and also increases your working efficiency. Things that I have mentioned above in points are all interlinked with each other but all things only happen when you work on yourself and follow all the methods that I have mentioned to relax your mind.

If you find it difficult to do mediation for long time then I will suggest you to do it only for 5-10 minutes daily. You will start to see big changes in your life, mind, and body within 3-5 days. I will highly recommend you to do meditation in your life.

2) Exercise:- Exercise will help to give shape to your body and make you appreance good in front of people. Along with this It also release a chemical in our body that remove laziness from the mind and make your mind and body more faster in work. Ensure that at least 20 minutes exercise you will do in your life. If you do not want to do exercise then you can include some yoga poses in your life. It will also help you to give shape to your mind and body.

3) Stop Overthinking:- Person who do high overthinking get in contact with depression very soon. This is problem of many people that they repeat the past bad incidents in their mind again and again. Generally, we call this problem overthinking in which people repeat their past incidents again and again. These incidents can be good and can be bad. But it is shown in a study, that people repeat bad incidents more in their mind then good incidents and because of this their mind become stressed, unrelaxed, and depressed every time.

One of the best way to stop the problem of overthinking is to say your mind that “it’s ok if it happened, That is my past, I cannot change it if I think over that again and again. There must be something good in that bad incident that I do not know but god knows.” If you repeat these lines in your mind it will remove the problem of overthinking from your mind and you will be always positive in your life.

4) Do dopamine detox:- Dopamine detox means to keep yourself away from all those things that give you joy, pleasure and happiness for one week, month, and more. People try to stay away from these things because they know that these things are giving them joy but not good for their mind and body both. Their focus is getting week day by day and their thinking capacity of mind getting shrink. For example- Mobile phones. A person, if he wants to follow dopamine detox then he will have to remove mobile phone from his life.

In the return of this they try to adapt all those things that they do not like but it will be very beneficial for their body and mind. For example- Meditation, exercise. In the replacement of mobile phone, people can do meditation and exercise so that they will not feel bore all day and it will also help them to stop the addiction of mobile phones.

5) Always be positive:- Anything that is happening in your life, weather it is positive or negative, never leave positivity from your mind. Always try to keep your mind positive in any situation. Feed your mind with all knowledgeable things and listen the interview of all successful people so that you can get to know how they think in their life. How much positivity they had in their life even at the time of failures in their life.

How can I fix my brain problems?

Before fixing your brain problem always get familiar with your problem because if you will not have clearity about the problem in your brain then how can you cure it.

If you are feeling stressed, guilty over any incident and not able to stop thinking about the incident then I will highly recommend you to take a copy and pen and write all the things that coming in your mind about the incident. This thing will make your mind and brain lighter and remove not required thoughts from your brain and you will feel happy after that.

If you are feeling lazy, stressed all over the day then must do meditation from some time. This thing will remove your laziness and make you more focused in your work. Every brain problem have different solution. That’s why before fixing of any type of brain problem you will have to understand the problem first clearly.

How can I test my brain at home?

Testing your brain level IQ and intelligence is very easy at home. You can buy books and visit websites that ask you some questions and test your brain.

How do you know if your brain is OK?

Following are points by the help of which you get to know your brain is ok:-

  • Problem solving mindset
  • Creating your own views over different situations happening in your life
  • getting right work to speak at right time
  • having high controlling ability:- like when someone’s action make you angry, you do not show anger at that time. You control your anger and balance the situation very well.
  • You know very well what do you need in your life and how will you achieve that
  • Respecting everyone, rich, poor, small, big, no matter for you
  • satisfied mindset
  • your thoughts will never get heavier on you
  • you will always feel motivated

How do I clear my mind of anxiety?

Take a copy and pen and write down all the anxiety problem that you are facing and write it also that you will never feel anxiety from that day. After this, you will start to notice that anxiety problems become very less in your mind. Whenever, you have anxiety in your mind write that always in a copy. This thing will make the effect of anxiety extremely low for your mind. This is first step that you should follow to remove your previous anxiety problems.

After this, start to follow all five points that I have mentioned in 5 effective ways to relax. This thing will help you to stop further anxiety situations that will create in your mind. Anxiety situations happen in your mind because it depends on how we see that situation. what are our point of views over that situation. If you would change your views to see a situation then slowly and gradually, anxiety will automatically clear your mind.


1) How many hours of sleep is good for brain?

Ans. 8 hours of sleep is good for brain because it helps brain to work properly. If a person sleep more than and less than 8 hours then brain will automatically start to become lazy all day.

2) Which fruit is good for brain?

Ans. All fruits are good for brain because all fruits have many minerals and vitamins that helps brain to function properly and provides you energy.

3) What affects the brain?

Ans. Things that give you joy but very harmful for brain affects the brain most because you will repeat that thing in your daily life so many times but every time your brain will get affect and its working capacity depends on your current actions. For example- always having eyes in Smartphones.

4) How to clean your brain?

Ans. Remove all your existing knowledge that is unrequired for you, stop overthinking, and something is there that you are repeating again and again in your mind and not capable of get rid of then write about that situation in a copy. You will really feel calmness in your mind.

5) How can I calm my mind instantly?

Ans. Through meditation you can calm your mind instantly.

6) How can I relax my mind in 5 minutes?

Ans. Through meditation you can relax your mind in just 5 minutes.

7) What habits harm your brain?

Ans. Always use smartphone and do time waste in that and not taking your brain in use.

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