how can you optimize your physical health?

In Today’s era, It is very difficult to optimize physical health properly. But it is difficult not impossible because if you want to optimize your physical health properly then you need to follow some rules and conditions on regular basis. I am sure, most of my readers will belong from teenage to adult age and at this age if you successfully able to follow my rules then not only you optimize your physical health properly Infect you will start to see incredible changes in your body and get to know about the real potential of your body.

Before understanding the rules, the main and most important thing that you should need to understand is that our mind and body are interconnected. Our mind gives the order to body about what to do. That’s why to optimize the physical health we should also need to give some time to our brain also. That’s why, further you will also read some points that will be more related to your mental health then physical health.

Let’s understand the steps one by one:-

1) Stop scrolling Mobile Phone all day:- Lied down at one place in same posture for hours and hours and not doing any physical and mental activity will decrease the potential of body extremely low even this thing make you very weak. That’s why try to avoid use of phone as much as you can. I Know this is difficult but not impossible. If you are unable to do this then decrease your screening time day by day and after some time you will find out you have successfully stopped the extreme use of phone in your life.

2) Engage in at least one outdoor sports activity:– You should play at least one game at the outside of your house. This thing will boost your physical strength to next level and make your body strong. You should select the game that you like to play so that you can also enjoy it.

3) Do at least 10 minute meditation:– Doing at least 10 minute meditation regularly will help you to boost your mind power and this thing removes stress and laziness from your body. We often feel laziness in our body just after sometime of waking up in the morning even without doing any work and this all because of mind. If your mind feel laziness then it will directly effect your body and your body feel it too. That’s why do at least 10 min mediation everyday.

4) Do Yoga and exercise:– You need to do yoga and meditation to strength your body power. Choose one thing between yoga and meditation as per of your interest and work on that sincerely. Make sure to do this in morning time after waking up as in the morning air will be fresh and if you inhale fresh air inside you then it will be more beneficial for your body.

5) Take healthy things:– This is one of the most important point to optimize your physical health because if you will take healthy then your body will react healthy and remove all toxic things from your body. Along with this it will also make your body glowing and attractive. You should eat healthy and drink healthy so that your body feel fresh and energetic all day.

6) Take proper sleep:- I am sure, you must have use your mobile phone at night time and waste most of your night time in this instead of sleeping. That is wrong. You should take proper sleep so that your body can charge itself properly and remove all tiredness of all day. You should leave your phone before 1 hours of sleeping so that you can sleep properly.

I know all the things I mentioned above is not easy but also not difficult as mush as you think. If you are serious about your physical health then you should follow all the things. After some days you will automatically start to see differences in your body. If you find it very difficult than you should take small steps first so that you can get used to of it.

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