8 Foods to increase memory power

There are various food present in this world through which you can increase your memory power. All healthy foods have potential to increase memory power and boost brain. Before continue this article I want to ask you a question that I think will be most important question for you to develop your interest in healthy foods. Do you ever think what is exact meaning of healthy food? Most people would say food that provide energy and nutrients to our brain. This is almost true but the real meaning of healthy food is the food that gives our brain everything it is made of.

People eat junk food a lot because this gives them taste satisfaction but junk food never satisfy your brain because it does not provide brain that substances through which it is made and because of this people fell sleepy and stressed everyday.

1) Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the most famous spices due to its incredible work. Turmeric is the spices that we often put in every food item when we are going to cook it. When turmeric reaches in our brain through blood circulation in our body. It leaves massive impact in our brain. It makes our brain more healthy, functionable, and strong.

2) Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits and nuts are second thing that make your memory sharper and increases your memory. They also help you to reduce stress and prevent from many diseases. Dry fruits make your brain neurons stronger and generate more healthy cells in your brain. It also improve your brain functioning.

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3) Fish

People who eat non-vegetarian should eat fish to increase their brain power. More than 50% of our brain is made up of fat and fish is the food that contains a lot of fat and has the capacity to meet the needs of the brain. You may have noticed that people who live near coastal areas have incredibly sharp brains compared to those who do not live near coastal areas. All this is because their main food is seafood and in seafood their main food is fish. Now, that doesn’t mean your mind will never be sharp if you don’t live near a coastal area or you’re a vegetarian. You must consume foods that are high in fat to meet the needs of your brain.

4) Onion and Garlic

Many people do not use onion and garlic in cooking because they think if they use onion and garlic then this thing will make them toxic and angry in their daily life. But both these things also have a big advantage in our body when we consume them. It improves the blood circulation of our body and gives enough energy to our brain. Onion and Garlic also helps our mind to make it stable all day.

5) Soya Chunks

Soya Chunks has proved as most important food for vegetarians because Soya Chunks do all the work in our body which meat is done in any non-vegetarian body. In simple words, Power of soya chunks = power of meat. If we talk about the substance present in soya chunks, then it is rich in protein, which is also very helpful in strengthening the bones of a person.


6) Roasted gram

Roasted gram makes our mind stronger and improve memory. Roasted gram is a healthy snack for humans which also improves their digestive system. Along with this, it is also helpful in protecting us from many diseases and in weight management.

7) Warm water

You should always drink at least a glass of warm water in a day. If you wake up in the morning and drink water on an empty stomach, then it will be more effective for our body. Warm water is very helpful in blood circulation in our body. It helps our heart to properly circulate blood in our mind and body. Our brain consumes a lot of oxygen and blood for proper functioning and due to this easy circulation helps the brain to make it stronger.

8) Eggs and Milk

White eating products are always popularly known as protein rich products. It helps our brain to become powerful and strong. Being rich in protein, it also makes our bones strong, so milk and eggs are very important for the proper development of a developing baby. Milk and eggs also help us to fighting many diseases.

Top 10 characteristics of a successful entrepreneur

In this article we are gonna discuss about top 10 characteristics of a successful entrepreneur that are follow by every entrepreneur in their daily life. Every successful person develop small habits in his daily life and they achieve their success through these small habits. You must have heard that small chances can make big differences in your life. Every successful entrepreneur follow this step because they know every person has to follow small steps to make big differences in his life.

1) Strong desire to achieve the dream

All successful entrepreneurs have strong burning desire inside them to achieve their dream and that’s the only reason they become successful in their life because this strong desire push them to do only the work that will be helpful to achieve their dream. This strong desire works like magic for anyone. But this is not everyone’s cup of tea to generate this burning desire in their body and mind. If you want to generate this then you have to follow some following steps everyday in your life.

  • Fix in your mind that exactly how much money do you want
  • Determine exactly what you intend to give in return for the money you desire
  • Set a specific date by which you want to receive your fixed amount
  • prepare a strong research strategy to achieve your desire
  • Write the answer of all the above mentioned things in one copy
  • Read the answers written in the copy twice a day after waking up in the morning and before going to sleep at night

2) Have faith in yourself

This is second most important step that every successful entrepreneur follow in his life. He always believes in himself that he can achieve whatever he wants in his life. This believe helps him to face all failures and ups and downs of his career because he knows that the thing he wants in his life is present behind all those failures and he believes in himself that he can cross all those failures and achieve his success.


3) Thinking of 360 degree

May be this point will create a little bit confusion in your mind but the meaning of this point is very simple. People who are achieving great things in their life, they have 360 degree thinking, when they make a decision they think deeply on that decision and consider every little thing that can happen after making the decision.

Initially, people will face the problem when they try to adopt this quality of successful entrepreneurs in their life but when they consistently take the decision through the thinking of 360 degree then they will be able to develop a new thing in their mind and that thing is the power of auto-suggestion.

Auto-suggestion means when you are going to think upon something then your brain will automatically start to give you suggestions about your decision. This thing will make your brain more powerful and everyone in this world knows what is the importance of a powerful brain in the life of any person.

4) Take decisions courageously

Taking decisions and risk will make you more brave in your life because this is not everyone’s cup of tea. some people afraid if taking risk and decisions and that’s why they always keep themselves stagnant in the growth of their life. With bold decisions and risk-taking, you can surpass thousands of people in this world.

A person does not want to take decision in his life because he felt that many people are involved in his decision and if his decision turns out to be wrong in future then he will have to be accountable to all those people. The fear of accountability prevents him from taking risks and decisions in his life. But this is wrong. A successful entrepreneur never feels the fear of taking risks and being accountable to the people because he knows that this thing makes him more responsible in his life that’s why he always takes risk in his life and keeps climbing the ladder of success.

5) Always being persistence

Persistence means stand bravely in any type of hard situation of your life. A person who is always persistent in his life knows the reality that hard situations are just only part of our life that comes in our life to teach us things that can be prove as very important for our future life. They know that problems and hard situations will come in our life, we cannot remove them from our life that’s why they always ready to face any kind of problem in their life and always persistent on the dream.

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6) Always be respectful about what you have

People make excuses that they do not have enough things to make their dream true. They do not think what they have in present and what things they can do through the things that they have in present. Always be grateful for those things that you have instead of regretful for those things that you do not have. If you will always regret for those things which you do not have then you will always be demotivated in your life and think that you cannot do anything in your life due to lack of proper things.

7) Always be a helping person and respect others

You will feel happy if you help others and these things can make your day better than before because this will give you mental satisfaction. Person who respect others and help them create a different place in the heart of people and in return people respect that person too and give help to that person when he will need help. If you want to live happily in the society then this is very important thing.

8) Do important and difficult tasks first

It is the nature of our mind to always do what seems easy to do first and that’s why we always do our daily easy task first and spend our most energy in that and after this you will not able to focus over your hard things even if you want. This is the reason you should do your important and difficult task first and then do easy task.

9) Control Yourself

If a person learns how to control himself then he can conquer anything in this world because controlling over yourself means fighting with your needs, desires, and the things that you want to do in present. Here, needs and desires means the things that will not support you to achieve in your dream. Actually these things push you backwards and you want to do the same even after knowing this because it gives a lot of satisfaction to your mind.

For example: You are watching your favorite drama in TV and the drama will play continuously for 2 hours. You know you have a lot of work to do. Now in such a situation, if you do not know how to control yourself, then you will waste your 2 hours on TV because the drama is giving you mental satisfaction and then do your work and maybe because of this you will not be able to complete your work on time.

10) Stop Procrastination

Procrastination means when you delay your important works. The problem of procrastination never let you finish your work on time because In this problem you always say to yourself “I will do this work after 10 minutes” and you never know when 10 minutes become 10 hours.

Pay attention to your activities and when you try to delay your work, start doing that work immediately. This will help you prevent procrastination.

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