7 c’s of communication that you need to know for effective communication with examples

Everyone wants to be an effective communicator so that he can happily interact with the people of the society and say the things he wants to say. There are many people in this world who always find it difficult to talk to someone. This is reality that when someone talk to other person then after communication he again memorize all previous communication and then think that at that time he should have said this instead of that. Sometimes people also find it difficult to explain their point of view to others and to articulate it properly.

This thing always bothers people and forces them to consider themselves worthless But not having good communication skills does not mean that the person is worthless and cannot do anything in his life. We all know about the importance of effective communication skills. A person with good communication skills can get other people to do anything. A person with good communication skills can also sell the garbage in the market at a higher price.

You must have heard a famous line that practice makes a man perfect. This line will apply here. In this article we are going to talk about 7 rules of communication that you need to keep in mind during your communication to be an effective communicator.

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1) Clarity

The first and foremost rule of effective communication is that your words should be clear to the other person and to yourself as well. If the words you are saying to other person is not clear in your mind then how could it be possible to make that words clear in the mind of other person.

For example- If a teacher teaches his student about industry revolution and he knows very little about it and is not clear in that subject then how can he clear his student’s doubts. If the teacher will be very clear in the subject then he will be able to answer the doubts of his student easily and at the same time he will also be able to tell his student some additional knowledge about that subject.

2) Completeness

You should complete your sentence in the communication so that the other person can easily understand what you are trying to say to them and he can respond you as per of that. If you don’t complete your sentence it will be very difficult for the person to understand your sentences and this is one of the biggest obstacles in communication.

For example- A person goes to the market to buy onions. When he reached the shop he asked about the price of onion. The shopkeeper says 100 rupees but he did not clarify how much will come in 100 rupees. It will be difficult for the customer to understand it. It can be half a kilo for 100 rupees or a whole kilo for hundred rupees. In this case customer can also move to other shop due to lack of complete sentence.

3) Conciseness

This rule of communication states that you should take less time and use less words to complete your sentence and explain it to others. In this rule, you should think that the other person is giving you his most valuable time, so you should save his time as much as possible and speak your words in such a way that it gets over in a short time and within less words.

For example- You must have visited the bank in your life. There the bank employees keep you standing in front of the counter and keep doing their work. After finishing their work they listen to your problem. Everyone is angry about this because they have more important things to do in this world. But if you go in the bank and your work will complete in less time then you will feel very happy.

It is very important to get your message across to the other person in a short amount of time just like in the above example. If you take too long the listener will get bored with you and show no interest in what you are saying.


4) Consideration

In this rule, we talk to the listener keeping in mind the feelings and emotions so that he does not feel bad about our words. We respect the listener and his feelings in this rule. You should organize your words and manner of speaking in such a way that the other person does not feel bad because of you.

For example- You must have seen many people who start to shouting in the middle of the communication to prove themselves right. This destroys the whole environment of communication and makes the other person feel bad and hurt by it.

Try to follow this rule in every communication if you want to be an effective communicator. You will enjoy it too.

5) Concreteness

Concreteness means communicating in a direct way instead of twisting. You must understand the origin of communication and talk accordingly. This thing will also improve your communication skills and make it effective.

For example- You will have some friends in your friend circle who always say things that do not match with current communication. This spoils the excitement of any communication and breaks the flow of that communication. That’s why to make any communication effective you must talk to the point.

6) Correctness

Correctness is very important in any kind of communication. This means that you should always send accurate information in communication. If you always give accurate information in your communication, then it will increase your value and people will start trusting you more than before.

For example- You must be watching news channels. People watch news channels so that they can get the correct information about the things happening in the same world. But if you come to know that there is a news channel which gives wrong information, then will you watch that channel? Not at all. Because you have lost faith in that news channel and now even if that channel gives correct information, you will not trust it.

7) Courtesy

Courtesy means always talk in polite way to others. In communication, it’s not just the words that matter, what really matters is the way you speak your words and the tone of your voice. While talking to anyone you should always have a small smile on your face so that the person in front can talk to you comfortably without any hesitation. You should make your nature friendly and helpful when talking to someone in communication,

For example- A boss yells at his employee about something and a friend makes fun of another friend. Both are very different things. To ridicule someone is more painful than shouting. But the tone of voice will work here. The tone of voice of friends will be of friendly nature whereas the tone of voice of the boss will be very harsh. The friend wouldn’t mind his fun because he knew it was just for fun.

Important of time management for students

Two things never come back in our life first is time and second is words spoken to another person. Time is the most important thing in any person’s life. Everything in our life depends on how we use our time. In this article we are going to discuss about importance of time management for students. Along with studies, there are many important tasks in the life of students. Without time management it is impossible to complete all those task on time. Due to lack of improper time management, Sometimes student delay the work and sometimes they leave the work for next day.

Increase Intelligence level

Students when they learn to manage their time, then along with this they learn many things in extra, for example resource management and these extra things increase their intelligence level. Increasing the level of intelligence and development of the brain is very important for any student to make their career because in this they learn very practical things which give them more understanding.

Increase student productivity

While managing time every student needs to learn one thing that people will give importance to only those people who give importance to their time because this type of people are mostly known for their work. If students give proper time to each of their work then it will increase their productivity, they will be punctual and they will be able to know which work will make their career and which work will destroy their career. The most important thing is that through time management they will be able to know the importance of time and also know how time plays a great role in our life. And after knowing this, the students themselves will not want to waste their time on something useless.

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Reduce exam tension

Proper time management will reduce the exam tension of students but this rule is only applicable on those students who want to do study everyday instead of only in exam days. Students who study only on exam days don’t like to follow proper time management and just enjoy the every day.

The student who studies daily knows that if he studies today his burden will be less in the exam, he will sit in the exam fearlessly because he will already know every concept of his exam.

Increase focus

If you want to increase your focus then you should follow time management. Focus acts like a weapon for the students from which any student can achieve anything in his life. In Time Management, you manage your time in such a way that, with the help of which you can do your daily study work and household work easily and this thing is very helpful for any student to increase their focus level.

Helps you complete your unfinished work

Students may also leave their work incomplete due to improper time management. This work can be their homework and any outside work. Sometimes students leave their studies and decide that they will do their studies the next day because today they have a lot of work. The best example of this is the function. If there is any function in your house then it is certain that you will not do your studies for few days, maybe because of heavy work load or fun with cousins and relatives. But if you do proper time management, you will find that you are completing your studies as well as your tasks with ease.


Makes you understand the importance of things

When students implement time management in their lives, they start giving time to things as per the requirement. For example = If a student has to do some work and that work is less important then he will give less time to that thing while preparing his time management but have you thought how students decide which thing is more important And what is less important. It is all decided by the results that the students will get according to the expenditure of their time. For example- If a student gives his time to social media then he will not get knowledge and development will not happen in life. But there is another student who spends most of his time in making creative things and studying then future of this type of student will be bright.

Keeps you miles away from procrastination and distractions

Distraction and procrastination are the two worst enemies of every student. Students follow many ways to leave these two things. Procrastination means to delay the work or leave it for upcoming time. For example-sometimes we decide that we will do this work after 10 minutes. This is procrastination. Distraction means when you are doing some important work and in the middle of work you start doing something else. Time management will force you to do only what is written in your time management at that time. And because of this you never get stuck in the midst of such problems.

Increases your personal growth 10 times compared to your competitive student

There are many students who do not like to follow time management even they know the importance of time management. If you compare two students who follow time management and those who do not follow time management, you will find many differences between those students. Students who follow time management will show you many positive changes and they will have a great mindset and thinking ability as compared to students who do not follow time management.

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