Who is responsible for bad behavior of children? | Why are parents responsible for their children’s behaviour?

A simple answer of this question is Parents. Yes, Parents are highly responsible for their children’s bad behaviour. Your child does bad behaviour with you at home and may be sometime he must be shout over you and you do not say him a single word. This is the time from where parents starts ruin their child. If they shout over you, you should slap them and let them know that you are the parents of them, they are not your parents.

But the Sad thing is that parents can bear their child’s bad behaviour towards them because they love their child very much and they do not want to feel their child bad while children do not care about it.

I am not putting any question on any parent’s upbringing because every parent has their different way to grow their kid. My main motive is to aware all the parents about what are they doing with their children because the behavior and personality they are developing in their child may end their own child’s career one day.

Every children have their own different behaviour and this behaviour totally depends upon what have their parents taught them? loving your children is not bad thing but love at wrong time can be dangerous for you and for your child also. Whenever your child shout over you, you should tell him and realize him that it was wrong and do not do that again. Whenever you saw him to do any wrong activity then you should tell him what was wrong in that so that next time he will not do that work. Every parent should follow this since their kid was too young because we all know that children listen their parents properly at the young age only because when they develop their own thinking, it is very hard for them to listen others and follow them. If you prevent your child from doing wrong things in the initial stages, it will also help him to develop good thinking and become intelligent.

Should parents be responsible for children’s behaviour?

We can say that parents make the base of their children bad behaviour because they avoid a lot of mistakes of their child at the early young age and Because of this, the behavior of the children would be such that they do not talk to their parents properly and shout at them or say any wrong thing to them and they talk very well with the parents of others.

I am telling you the very bitter truth of this world. Yes, Most of the today’s children do not do care and value of their parents but they do care and value of other’s parents like your child’s friend’s parents. You must have feel this in your child also. But did you ever think why your child do this with you? A very simple answer of this is only that your child do not know your value but why? What you have done that make your value decrease in eyes of your children? Following points will help you to know about this:

  • Do not agree on anything about your child. First, think about whether it will be good for your child or not. If you find out that he won’t be nice, say no to him and tell him the reason for your no. This will help your child understand you and increase your value in his eyes.
  • Don’t believe everything your child is telling you. If you are absolutely sure that your child is right then it is okay to believe in your child but if you are not sure then do not believe him. Maybe your child is fooling you and if you believed your child when he fooled you he would think that my parents know nothing. I can lie to them anytime and it will decrease your value very much.
  • Do not provide them anything easily. If you give them anything easily it will decrease the value of that for them like money, electronic gadgets, etc.
  • Do not let your child see any wrong thing over mobile and laptop like misbehaving your parents, take revenge and other bad things. This also generates bad behaviour in your child.

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Make your child a bad person will not be difficult but make him good person can be enough difficult. If you will make the base of your child’s bad behaviour then rest of the things, he will learn from outside and from his own. If your child behave bad with you then it will also that bad behave outside also and this thing can effect on his future also. May be because of his bad behaviour he will not be able to make good friends.

Can a parent control a 21 year old?

No for sure because 21 year old person is capable to take his decisions own and from this stage he has completely developed his mind and he knows it very well what is wrong and what is right for him and for others also. If any parent want to over their 21 year old child then may be he will listen you but he will do only that thing, he want to do. A 21 year old child already starts taking his own decisions and when he takes his first decision then he feels that he can take his own decisions and since then he starts taking all his decisions on his own. That’s why at the age of 21 it becomes very difficult to control your child.

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