what does the bible say about self satisfaction

We all are confused about ourselves in many things. If we became successful to solve all the confusions about ourselves then we will easily recognize the motive of our life and what thing we need to do in our life. Today we will get to know about what does the bible say about self satisfaction.

According to bible, self satisfaction means to do the things that give you happiness and other’s too. For example- If an unknown person is asking for your help and you are Volunteering doing his work then the smile came at your face after helping the person will be the smile of self satisfaction. Means because of you other person easily completed his work without facing any problem. This thing will bring an unconditional smile at your face and This will be real you.

Self satisfaction seems a very light word for anyone but when you actually try to implement this in your life then it will be very difficult for you. In today’s World everybody want self satisfaction so that they can live a happy life and enjoy it. But some of their wrong habits never let them feel the feeling of self satisfaction.

To feel self satisfaction in your body, you should follow these things:

  • Never postpone your Important work for later
  • Do not waste time in unnecessary things
  • Increase your understanding level
  • Increase your brain capability so that you can easily know about actual problem of any serious situation
  • Give some time to yourself too so that you can know more about yourself
  • Respect yourself. If anybody try to insult you then give him best reply so that he will never repeat the same mistake in future with you.
  • Do only the thing that you want to do

Above all are the points that you need to know for self-satisfaction. In different situation self satisfaction can be different. For example- If you are doing any work to become self-employed and you are investing a lot in the work and you are not giving proper time to your work and this thing you know very well then how can you satisficed from yourself.

If you really want to generate the felling of self satisfaction inside you then you must follow this thing: At night time, you should take a copy and pen and divide the page in two parts with the help of pen and at one side write all things that you think you were wrong in that and at another side write about how you should react at that time. This thing will also help you to take right decision in serious situations too and also help you to know yourself more.

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