What are the qualities of a good communicator? | How do you become a master communicator?

Everyone wants to be a good communicator in this world but everyone do not able to achieve success in this. Why? Because they do not work over their communication skills. You can say that skills of communication is very powerful weapon for any person. You must have heard that a good communicator can sell garbage to anyone through his good communication skills.

In this article we will discuss about how you can improve your communication skills practically, like when you talk to someone what things you should keep in your mind during communication.

What is the key to success when communicating with the public?

The key success when communicating with the public is Understanding. Yes, without proper understanding you cannot involve in any type of communication perfectly. Once, great motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari told in his session that understanding is biggest quality of extraordinary communication skills. Nothing can be bigger than this because If you don’t understand what the other person wants from you, then no matter how extraordinary communicator you are, you will fail.

Another key to success when communicating will the public is listening. If you want good communication then you first you should listen properly and then react with some emotions. This will enhance your communication skill multiple times.

What are the common reasons behind the communication problem?

Common reasons behind the communication problem are:

1) Senseless and Meaningless talk: Sometimes some people start talking in the already ongoing communication without knowing anything. Because of this words become senseless and meaningless because if a person do not know what other people are talking about and he suddenly goes into that communication and started his own talk that only makes sense to him and not to others then this sounds very weird. If anybody do this, then people will try to avoid them in their communication.

2) Not listening well: Not listening well is second common reason behind the communication problem because If anyone does not listen well then how can he react in the communication properly. For example- if your friend sharing happy moments of his life with you and you are standing with sad face in front of him then it is very natural that he will not share his happy moments with you again in the future.

3) Asking too much questions: Asking too much questions can also become reason behind a communication problem because if you are not listening other person and before finish his words if you ask him questions like a falling waterfall then it will make other person annoying and no one does not enjoy and like this type of questioning. First, ask question then listen the answer properly and according to that construct your another question so that other person can also enjoy the communication. If you ask genuine questions that both you and others are interested in, it makes sense and it will improve your communication and make you a good communicator.

4) Do not shout: In a communication some people start shouting when they do not agree with the other person to show their dominance and justify it. They think they’ll be proven right if they shout. If a person does this then it is clearly show that the person wants to fight in the middle of the conversation and no one likes this type of communication. From next time onwards they will try to avoid communication with that person.

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How do you overcome lack of knowledge in communication?

If you want to overcome the lack of knowledge in communication then first you should be practically. For this you need to think practical about everything. First, find out in every communication at which place you feel the lack of knowledge. After this sit over an alone place and think what could you speak at that time when you feel lack of knowledge in communication. Start reading books over the topic of communication. See other people how they react at that place where you feel lack of knowledge. This will make your mind more productive and heal your lack of knowledge.

What makes communication difficult?

If anyone does the steps that I mentioned in the reasons behind the communication problem then it will make your communication difficult and complicated. Try to avoid those steps.

What are the 3 rules for good conversation?

3 rules of good conversation are:

1) Always be clear: Whatever you are trying to explain to other person make sure that you are clear for that and you are explaining properly to that person because if you are explaining him something and he is not getting your point then it does not make any sense. That’s why always be clear about your thoughts to make communication more effective.

2) Listen more speak less: If you listen more and speak less then person think that you are interested in his thought and he will tell you more another interesting thing from his heart and this will take your communication to next level.

3) Always feel comfortable: You should always feel comfortable when you talk with someone because this thing will show your natural behaviour and personality. It will also be good for you if you feel comfortable during the conversation as you will talk better.

How toxic friends affect your mental health? 

Do you think you have a toxic friend? If you are a little bit confused in it then after reading this article you will get your answer of having toxic friend and how to deal with that. Do you know that a toxic friend can also affect your mental health because they always keep you under stress and play with your emotions.

What are toxic behaviors?

Toxic behavior is a type of behavior in which people try to hurt others mentally, emotional and physically. These types of people look good from outside, but they do not want any good for anyone from inside, not even the closest person. They don’t think about anyone’s good, just except themselves. They can do anything for their benefit. They are a kind of greedy and hurt people. People should avoid toxic people so that they can live their lives peacefully.

What does a toxic friendship look like?

A toxic friendship is always look live stressful, frustrating, and crossing boundaries. All good things happen in toxic friendship is one sided because toxic friend always try to manipulate other friends and cross boundaries. Toxic friendship is always one-sided. A good friend in toxic friendship always feels embarrassed in front of other people because his toxic friend always do insult of him in front of others. Toxic friends never leave even a single chance to embarrass their friends in front of others. Friends always feel unhappy in this type of friendship.

What are 5 signs of toxic friendships

5 signs of toxic friendships are:

1) They do not respect your boundaries- Toxic friends never respect your boundaries. They always cross it. No matter what you feel happy and sad. This does not affect them. They always talk like this that can make you sad. But they expect you to never cross their boundaries. If you do this, they can shout at you and get angry with you.

2) They do not celebrate your achievements and success- Generally, In normal and healthy friendship, friends celebrate the achievements of other friends whether the achievement is small or big. It does not matter. but in toxic friendship, they does not celebrate your achievements. Often toxic friends try to find out your mistakes and bad things in your achievements, try to demotivate you and try to stop your achievements and success because your achievements make them unhappy and they feel jealous from you.

3) When you need help, they make excuses instead of help- They never support you and take your side when you need them most. They will always make excuses when you ask them for any type of help and And leaves you on your condition. But when they need help, they expect you to help them as much as you can. This is one of the most frustrating sign of toxic friendship.

4) They always gossip about you and other friends behind their back- Toxic friends always tell wrong things about you behind your back. They never keep your secrets safe. They always tell your secrets to other people and always break your trust. This thing can also effect your mental health because when you know about it after then you feel regret and think why you told your secret to him.

5) They do not include you in their best and happy moments- If your best friend does not include you in his best and happy moments then it will be better to leave that friend Because this sign is only enough to feel that your friend does not take you as a friend. May be he is still in friendship with you because you are benefiting him and he is using you. They always lie to you. Every normal friend wants to include his friend in his happy and best moments and share that moment with him and never lie to you.

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Why are friends toxic?

Some friends are toxic because of their behaviour and childhood upbringing. They must have not have faced any kind of objection in childhood on their behavior and this could be the biggest reason for their toxic. They make their behavior toxic and always hurt all those who join them. They want that people do their work but they do not want to do anyone’s work. They are very mean.

Can toxic people change?

Yes, toxic people can change but only when if they want otherwise never because they have to leave some bad habits and adopt good habits to become good person. But leave a habit is not an easy task for a person specially for that person who has been following the habit for many years. That’s why most of the people fail to change their habit because it takes a lot of effort and time and because of this they give up in the middle of the way. These types of things take time and a lot of efforts because people have been performing that attitude for many years and now it has become the part of their comfort zone and it is very difficult for a person to break their comfort zone and adopt new things.

How to deal with toxic friends

One of the best way to deal with a toxic friend is to leave that friend Because after knowing that your friend is toxic, if you are still in friendship with him, you will only feel unhappy and embarrassing every time. Here, you need to understand that you cannot change other person but you can change yourself. That’s why change yourself and leave your toxic friend. If your friend comes back to you, do not befriend him because he may be benefiting from you, so he wants to befriend you again.

How do you fix a toxic friendship?

You can fix your toxic friendship by break that and for that you can select following ways because end of your friendship would be the best decision to fix your toxic relationship.

  • Start setting boundaries with your toxic friend
  • Start talking less with your toxic friend
  • Do not help them and try to make excuses
  • Set the limit to talk and stay with them and do not spend more than the limit
  • When they embarrass you in front of others, make them feel it too
  • Try to avoid them as much as you can
  • Never tell your secrets to them
  • Never include them in your happy and best moments
  • Never ask for any help from them because when you do this, you will always regret it. They will not help you.
  • Try to talk more with other friends in front of them.

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