best tea for menstrual cramps

Having periods at every month is very normal for a women. But the pain that they face along with period make harder for them to survive for few days and this pain happens because of menstrual cramps. Today we will discuss about top best type of teas for menstrual cramps that will help you to reduce pain. Must try these teas at your home to get relief in your menstrual cramps.

Red raspberry leaf tea

This tea is well known for it’s red color and pleasant taste in all around the world. These leaves are very healthy that’s why it you make tea from these leaves and drink that then it will also very beneficial and healthy for your body too. Along with this, this tea also has power to cure premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and soothe uncomfortable menstrual pain.

A study by European medical agency claims that the leaves of raspberry also relives period spasms. This tea is natural, healthy, and low caloric, that’s why you can peacefully enjoy this tea without worrying about weight gain. If you do not have raspberry plant at your home then do not worry you can go to store and buy raspberry leaf from there.

Make sure to drink one cup daily in days leading to your period and during your periods to see a fast change. You can also also add some honey, lemon and orange juice in tea to enhance it’s taste.

Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is a simple combination of boiled water and some fresh peppermint leaves. To make this tea you just need to boiled some peppermint leaves for 4-5min and your tea is ready. Peppermint leaves are consider as a herbs that make body more stronger and warm and also very helpful to remove menstrual pain. Taste of this tea will be very natural as this tea does not have more than two natural ingredients ( water and leaves) but if you do not like taste then you can add some honey and lemon juice in tea.

Ginger tea

Ginger tea is consider as one of the best tea to reduce menstrual pain as ginger contains anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. As per of a study happens on 600 women, ginger tea is one of the highly effective tea to reduce menstrual cramps.

First time user of this tea may do not like taste of this tea as this tea will be bitter in taste but you can add honey in it to make it’s taste better for you. If you feel unbearable pain in your periods then drink two cup of this tea daily one in morning time and another in evening time. Never drink two cups of tea simultaneously because it can effect your health and misbalance your Harmons.

Cinnamon tea

A body faces many misbalance of Harmons at the time of periods and that’s why women feel several time the problem of mood swings, irritation and pain in the body. To having relief in all these things you must have try this tea. Along with this cinnamon tea also increases glow of your body.

Green tea

In ancient time Chinese mythology, green tea was considered as a powerful herb to make body strong. That’s why old Chinese people had drunk this tea everyday. But today also this is very healthy for person who drink this especially for women at the time of their periods. Green tea is mixture of green healthy herbs that helps you to balance the harmons and remove the pain of menstrual cramps.

All teas that have mentioned in this article are herbal teas that will definitely help you to reduce the pain of menstrual cramps. along with this all teas are made from natural ingredients that’s why effect and work of all teas are near to similar. I will recommend you to select only single type of tea instead of selecting different combination of teas so that your body can understand the effect of tea and give you results soon. For example- If you like green tea, then only drink green tea in your period days.

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