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Myers Briggs Personality Test is a test of personality through which people will be able to know about their personality and according to their personality they can spend their life with joy and happiness. It is one of the most famous personality test which is followed by many people as this personality test always gives accurate answers to its testers.

There are 4 broad categories in this personality test with two pairs in each category. This test says that people will have two options in a pair, means only one of the two things inside a pair will be present in the person. By knowing about those categories anyone can know about his personality very easily.

1 2 3 4
Introvert (I)Thinking (T)Intuiting (I)Perceiving (P)
Extrovert (E)Feeling (F)Sensing (S)Judging (J)
myers briggs personality test 4 broad categories

If you want to know about your personality type, then for this you should write down the marks of all the categories that you think you have. For example, if you think you are introvert then you should write I in a copy which is short form of introvert, keep doing this till you reach the fourth category. All four categories’ short form is given in the above category table, inside bracket.

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1) Introvert or Extrovert

One person’s personality cannot contain both. He can be an introvert or an extrovert. Let’s understand through a table about Introvert and Extrovert person:

Introvert Person Extrovert Person
These people are shy by natureThese people are not by nature
They don’t talk much with other peopleThey talk too much with other people
Sometimes people make misconceptions about introverts and think of them as arrogant people as per of their face reactionSome extroverts have double faces. One is the inside face and the other is from the outside when they talk to other people. They can easily hide things from other persons.
introverts enjoys to be aloneThe extrovert needs someone to talk to otherwise they feel bored
They find difficulties to make friends and meet with new peopleThey make new friends very quickly and meet new people easily.
Difference between Introvert and extrovert person

If you are introvert then write I in a copy and If you are extrovert then write E in a copy. With the help of the above table which is the difference between introverts and extroverts, you can easily know about yourself.

2) Thinking and Feeling

This is the second broad category of the Myers Briggs Personality Test, in which this test shows that a person makes decisions based on thoughts or feelings. If a person takes decisions through emotion then he will also care about the feelings of others and will take decisions accordingly.

In thinking person will make decisions based on his experiences and in feeling he will think emotionally. It is generally seen that people who think emotionally have a very soft heart and they can easily forgive anyone no matter how bad the person has done.

Write T next to I or E if you take decisions through thinking or write F next to I or E if you take decisions through feelings.

3) Intuiting and Sensing

Intuition means gut feeling means strong feeling of the person. Sometimes this feeling is so strong that one starts taking this feeling in reality. In intuition, a person creates his own thinking and can easily understand any situation and make himself comfortable in that place. For example- You must have seen people telling themselves before going on stage that they can do anything. It is a gut feeling that will give the courage to do anything. Individuals with an intuitive personality live their lives mostly in imagination.

Sensing means using your body’s five senses to sense the environment of any place and respond accordingly. People with sensitive personality live in reality and practical life and accept the difficult things of life easily. They can also heal themselves very soon from any bad incident. They always take decisions according to their mindset.

Write I next to IT or ET if you take decisions through Intuiting or write S next to IF or EF if you take decisions through Sensing.

4) Perceiving and Judging

Perceiving means involve yourself as per of your surroundings. A person with a perceptive personality will not like to make plans. Instead of judging, they understand their surroundings. Means they think that everything will be good in future even if they don’t work hard. These types of people enjoy their present to the fullest without thinking about the future.

People with judging personality like to judge themselves or others and based on this judgment they meet new people and make friends. They always follow a proper plan for their future which is made by themselves. These types of people always notice two sides of any situation one positive and the other negative.

There are 16 personality types under these four broad categories of personality. After writing down the short form of whatever personality you have, you will get a unique four letter word and that is your personality type.

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