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Today, In this article we are going to discuss about the summary of 12 rules for life summary. This is a great book for mind developers that is written by Jordan Peterson. He is a Canadian psychologist, a youtuber, and a great author. In this book he discuss about 12 psychology rules for life. These 12 rules are golden rules for any person because he shared his vast life experience on human Psychology in this book. In this book author shared 12 most important rules for human life that can make a person unbeatable.

1) Always stand straight and roll your shoulders back

This is the first and most important rule for any person’s life. Through this rule the author tries to convince us that you should always be confident in any situation in life and This rule help us to increase our confidence and self-esteem in our body.

If you feel uncomfortable and nervous somewhere then you should also stand in this position because this position will send message to your brain that you can face any situation in your life and your brain will automatically start to make you comfortable and give your power and courage. If you are facing any hard situation in your life then you should also try this because this will help you to fight with that hard problem.

We are all aware of this somewhere inside us but we always avoid this. Author explain it more deeply in his book so that you can know the importance of this in your life. In the book, the author has taken the example of lobsters. He says that When two lobsters are fighting, the winning lobster becomes bigger and more powerful than before because after winning the fight he feels more powerful and releases a chemical called serotonin in high levels in his body, so that fight Becomes more confident after winning and the looser lobster starts to feel less powerful and confident that’s why he releases less serotonin chemical in his body and he became smaller. Often, winner lobster always win the fight because of high confidence and self-esteem in his body because of previous winning fights.

If we always stand straight and roll our shoulders back then it is also release a chemical in our mind due to which we feel confident and can win over any situation in our life.

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2) Treat yourself the way you love someone

This is the second and I think the most important rule of our life. Through this rule the author tries to convince us that we should treat ourselves as we treat others. We should give importance to ourselves as we give importance to others.

There are many important people in every person’s life and he cares a lot for all of them but he forgets to take care of himself. People do not pay attention to this in their life and this thing eventually becomes their habit and after some time they forget to take care of themselves.

3) Always keep in touch with people who really want the best for you

Before explaining this point I want you to imagine this thing in your mind that If you have friendship with those people who do not want good for you then how will be your life, what things you can achieve in your life, how will be your behaviour with others. If you do this then it will help you to understand this point more deeply in your mind because people with whom we spend more time will decide our future.

People who don’t want good for you will try to demotivate you, prevent you from doing things that can make you successful in your life, they will always try to impose the things that is not good for you like drinking, smoking, and other bad things. That’s why always keep in touch with that people who want best for you because they will motivate you and help you to become successful in your life, they will give you right direction and stop you to do wrong things in your life. Always remember this thing in your life that only one good friend is better then several bad friends.

4) Instead of comparing with others just compare yourself with your old version

Through this rule the author tries to make us understand that each person’s personality is different and he is unique in himself. That’s why it will not be good to compare yourself with others because if anybody do this then this thing will only give him demotivation and that person will always curse himself due to feeling of lack of anything in his body. This type of attitude can never make a person successful in his life.

If you do vice-versa of this then It will help you to know how much progress you are making over time in a specific period of time if you compare yourself with your older version. If you are not satisfied with yourself then you will work hard and this thing will never demotivate you and make you unbeatable in your life because when you compare yourself with your old version you are fighting with yourself.

5) Don’t let your child do something you don’t like

Author has made this rule for parents. In this rule he says that If your child is doing the thing that you do not like then stop him on the spot because every parents do not like only that things that are bad for their child and If you would not stop your child to do bad things then they will repeat that mistake again and again in their life and One day when this mistake becomes a habit of your child, you will not be able to stop it even if you want to.

If parents do not stop their child to do thing that they do not like then one day they will start to dislike their child and because of this thing outsiders will dislike your children too and this thing will not be good for your child and his growth. That’s why stop to ignore things that you do not like in your child.

6) Fix your house before you condemn the world

This is sixth and most important rule of our life. Often we see that people blame other people for their own mistakes and try to make excuses. One of the best example of this rule is let’s suppose there is a person in a country who is struggling to make his career successful and he is not doing hard work too in his this journey. Because he is facing lot of problems in his journey that’s why he is blaming government like the government of the country not doing well, there is not any great opportunities in his country and so on.

This is one of the biggest mistake that a person do in his life to blame others for his own problems. He is blaming others instead of facing the problem and fixing it. Because of this kind of attitude the person always remains stable in his life. If he tries to fix that problem then it will be his own personal development and because of this personal development he can achieve anything he wants in his life.

7) Always do the work that is meaningful, not the work that is easy

Through this rule author try to send us a message that If we do meaningful work then may be it will take some time but it will give us results because our mind can only do the things properly that make meanings and sense in our brain.

If we do that thing that is easy and can be finished in short time then there is no guarantee that the thing will give us results. Our mind cannot adopt things that do make any meanings and sense.

You must have heard speeches of many successful people. In their speech one thing is common that is they always say before doing any kind of work try to understand that why are you doing that work, what will you get from that work, what is your motive behind that work. Successful people tell us to do this because they know this thing will help our mind to understand that how much this thing is important for us and send many meaningful messages to our brain.

8) Always tell the truth and if you can’t do it then at least don’t lie

Author says that you should always speak truth to other people and If there is a situation in which you cannot speak truth then at least do not lie to others because if you tell lie to others then it will decrease your respect and people start to take you lightly. They will not give you a good amount of respect that you deserve when they will get to know that you tell lie to them.

Telling truth is also very important rule for you because it gives you power to fight with any situation in your life because the talent of speaking truth is not easy for anyone.

9) Assume that the person you’re listening to knows something you don’t

When ever you talk with some one always assume that the person with whom you are speaking might know something very important that you do not know. If you want to know that important thing then you should develop the habit of more listening and less speaking.

Everyone likes when someone listens to them and that’s why in speaking fluency they say something important which we don’t know and this thing will be very helpful for anyone to increase their social knowledge.

10) Always be clear in your words

Through this rule author try to convince us that if we are doing argument with someone then it should be very clear with our words. Our words should be clear and focused for other person. This will strengthen your argument and you will have a higher chance of winning that argument.

The meaning of argument is not to become violent and quarreling with someone. In fact the real meaning of argument is the habit of uttering the words that most impress other people. Any person can convince anyone to do the thing that he likes if he has the talent to speak.

11) Do not disturb children while skateboarding

Through this rule author try to convince you that whenever your children playing and doing any other creative activity then do not disturb them because they are developing themselves while playing and that’s why they will doing great in their life.

12) find beauty in small things

Through this rule author try to convince us that we should know to find happiness in small things of our life. People face many hard and difficult situations in their life and if they start to find happiness even in small things then they will get to know that how to keep themselves happy in hard and difficult situation of the life and this will make them to fight with the problem easily.

Importance of personality development in your life

Through personality development anyone can achieve any thing in their life. In simple words, personality development means how other’s and unknown people see you through your work, looks, and behaviour. For example- There is always many person in our life with them we never talk but we create their separate and unique image in our mind to see their works, looks, body language, and behaviour with others. If we take another example then you must have heard about Mukesh Ambani and Ratan Tata. I am pretty sure you have different image in your mind of both person because one is great businessman and another is great donor who always give his more than half income in donations and charity. But why do you have different images of these two in your mind? Just because of their work, achievement, looks, and behaviour with others. And that is personality.

In personality development you learn to make full use of your body and mind. Here, you work over your body and mind and enhance them constantly. Here, you will know what is importance of personality development in your life:

1) Makes your behavior a goal achiever: Everyone knows what to do and what not to do to achieve their goal but after knowing what not to do people do that thing. and this type of behaviour create lot of barriers between you and your goals. For example: You know spending all the time over electronic gadgets like mobile and laptop can delay your important works and it is also not good for you because it is one the biggest barrier between you and your goal. But after this, people also spend their most of the time over electronic gadgets and creates the problem of procrastination.

If you work over your personality development then you will automatically force your mind and body to do only the thing that will help you to achieve your goal. And as time goes by when you achieve your goals it leaves a good impression on people’s mind when they see you achieving all the things that you want.

2) Make your mind creative and unique: In this world, If you want to achieve something big then you should find something create and unique because history is witness to the fact that only a creative thinkers has achieved something in their life. Here, creative and unique thinking means to create your own thinking instead of copy and paste of other’s idea to achieve your goal.

There is a reason behind this that why people say make your own unique thinking instead of copy and paste of other’s idea in your goal. and the reason is that people use their thinking and different ideas according to the situation, time and problem they are facing in their goal. But when that idea works well then many people start copying it because they think that idea will also work in achieving their goal but it doesn’t work because maybe your problem and situation is different from that person. So create your own unique and creative thinking so that you can tackle your problems in a better way.

It is the second point that personality development helps you to develop different and unique thinking so that you can achieve your goal.

3) Helps you see the world in a different way: When you make up your own thinking, your way of looking at this world changes because You start seeing the world with your thoughts. You start generating your own opinions and assumptions on everything that happens in this world. This is very good for your mental health.

Personality development also helps you to know how to solve any problem efficiently. For example: If someone says wrong things to you then you will know how to deal with that person. As per of me, A person with good personality will not say anything back to that person because he knows that if he says anything wrong to that person then it means that he has accepted the bad word of that person. He will ignore that person and this will greatly humiliate that person.

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4) makes you more practical: Personality development makes you more practical. You will start learning things practically and apply them as per your need. To become a successful person in your life it is very important to make yourself practical. If a practical person take decision in his life then he thinks both negative and positive things of that decision that’s why If a person take practical decisions there is high chances that the decision will be prove as correct.

5) Gives the ability to endure anything: If you want to achieve anything big in your life then it is 100% guaranteed that you will face many hard situations in the journey of your achievements. Some people are unable to bear that difficult situation so they fail in their journey of achievements. But personality development makes your personality such that you can tolerate any difficult situation in your life and take the best decisions in that situation.

Personality developed person will soon accept that a person who wants to achieve big in his life will have to face many difficult situations and sacrifice many dear things and all these things will make him stronger. That’s why they are always ready for the hard situations of their life and face them bravely when they come and they sacrifice everything they love but are not important in their journey of achievement. This is one of the biggest reason of all successful people in the world.

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