jeff bezos work life balance: Effective steps you also need to follow in your life

Before some time a question were asked to bezos in an interview that what are his point of views on work life balance and how they balance their work and relationships both. At this question, Bezos answered that work and life are circle not a balance. He tells in the interview he completed his work one by one and that’s why after some time his all day activities convert into a perfect circle and that’s why his personal and professional life always get in balance without any efforts.

Jeff Bezos who is Ex-CEO of e-commerce company belongs from a very middle class family and that’s why today too he is living a very normal life even after becoming richest person in the world. He shared some activities of his daily routine in an interview in which he said every morning he wake up without any alarm clock and after waking up he always have breakfast with his family. After that he goes for company and having some limited meetings and when he came back then after having dinner he washes his own dishes.

Sometime jeff work more than 100 hours in a week but at holiday time he enjoy holiday with his family. Jeff also say that this same formula he is also trying to teach his employees so that they can also enjoy their work. To balance work life bezos follow some things that we should also need to follow to balance work life: let’s discuss the steps further:

1) Enjoy everything:- Jeff Bezos Enjoys everything that he do in his daily life and that’s why he does all work with a great smile on his face and this is one of the biggest reason he never get tired after doing so much work. In an interview Bezos said that he did 100 hours work in a week and this is possible when he enjoy his work.

2) love with your work:- Jeff Bezos enter in the business that he likes instead of copying other’s to see their success. This is biggest problem of people that when they initially start the work they start to analyze others about what they did in their life and how much they have earned from their business and if their success highly satisfy them they follow their work and start to do work on that. They do not care if they like that work or not. They just see the success of other people and follow them.

To love your work what you can do is analyze yourself and find your interest and then find the successful people who are doing the work that you like. Find out how they start in starting, what things they applied in their life and how they running their life at present moment. This thing will help you a lot to become successful in your life because you will be able to spend more hours in the work that you like and you will do that work with full passion. This thing will also increase the chances to make you successful soon.

3) Follow your passion:- This point is very similar to 2nd point. Follow your passion means to do the thing that you enjoy most in doing. For example- business, dancing, singing. Bezos followed his passion and that’s why today he is in the list of top 10 most richest person in the world even they belong from a very middle class family. He passion was related to books and that why in starting day he sold the books online and after that his that work made a creativity in his mind and he start amazon company and became successful. Following your passion will also make you more creative and best idea generating person in the field that you like.

4) Know very well what is important:- Bezos knows it very well that what things are important for him and what things are not. That why he never leave any work in middle. He make sure to finish the work properly that he started. This is problem of majority people that after doing work for 2-3 hours their mind started to get distracted and they want a small break but after some time that small break become a very long break and this wrong. This thing also makes you inpatient in your normal life too. The work that only need 2 hours to finish will start to get stretched for so many hours and this thing also delay your work and if your work will be delayed then obviously response and results of the work will also come late. Most of the time, this thing applied on people who are self-employed and doing their own business. Always remember to be loyal with your work.

5) Time management:- Bezos time management is highly effective because he made his time schedule as per of his needs and convenience. He did not copied his time management from other successful people. He made his own time table. You must have heard in many articles and in many videos that successful people wake up early in the morning and for that they need alarm but Jeff said in an interview that everyday he wake up without any type of alarm and take proper sleep and after waking up he make sure to eat breakfast with his family because this thing make him extremely energize. After that he also said that in company he take only limited meetings so that he can save energy to do other works in company too.

You should also try it to make your own time table for next day. Do not force yourself to do the things that your body find very difficult to do but you want to do because of other’s. If you cannot wake up early in the morning then do not do that. Instead of that try to do more work in day time and night time. As per of your needs and convenience manage your time and strictly follow that.

6) Doing work with full dedication and focus:- Bezos focus only one thing at a time and give his best in that work. Some time many of us work on one place but our mind present at other place and because of this we also not properly focus on present work and because of this work will not properly finished. There must be some mistakes in the work. That’s why avoid these type of thing. Stick your mind at one place and focused on one work at a time.

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