Importance Of Personality Development

Through personality development anyone can achieve any thing in their life. In simple words, personality development means how other’s and unknown people see you through your work, looks, and behaviour. For example- There is always many person in our life with them we never talk but we create their separate and unique image in our mind to see their works, looks, body language, and behaviour with others. If we take another example then you must have heard about Mukesh Ambani and Ratan Tata. I am pretty sure you have different image in your mind of both person because one is great businessman and another is great donor who always give his more than half income in donations and charity. But why do you have different images of these two in your mind? Just because of their work, achievement, looks, and behaviour with others. And that is personality.

In personality development you learn to make full use of your body and mind. Here, you work over your body and mind and enhance them constantly. Here, you will know what is importance of personality development in your life:

1) Makes your behavior a goal achiever: Everyone knows what to do and what not to do to achieve their goal but after knowing what not to do people do that thing. and this type of behaviour create lot of barriers between you and your goals. For example: You know spending all the time over electronic gadgets like mobile and laptop can delay your important works and it is also not good for you because it is one the biggest barrier between you and your goal. But after this, people also spend their most of the time over electronic gadgets and creates the problem of procrastination.

If you work over your personality development then you will automatically force your mind and body to do only the thing that will help you to achieve your goal. And as time goes by when you achieve your goals it leaves a good impression on people’s mind when they see you achieving all the things that you want.

2) Make your mind creative and unique: In this world, If you want to achieve something big then you should find something create and unique because history is witness to the fact that only a creative thinkers has achieved something in their life. Here, creative and unique thinking means to create your own thinking instead of copy and paste of other’s idea to achieve your goal.

There is a reason behind this that why people say make your own unique thinking instead of copy and paste of other’s idea in your goal. and the reason is that people use their thinking and different ideas according to the situation, time and problem they are facing in their goal. But when that idea works well then many people start copying it because they think that idea will also work in achieving their goal but it doesn’t work because maybe your problem and situation is different from that person. So create your own unique and creative thinking so that you can tackle your problems in a better way.

It is the second point that personality development helps you to develop different and unique thinking so that you can achieve your goal.

3) Helps you see the world in a different way: When you make up your own thinking, your way of looking at this world changes because You start seeing the world with your thoughts. You start generating your own opinions and assumptions on everything that happens in this world. This is very good for your mental health.

Personality development also helps you to know how to solve any problem efficiently. For example: If someone says wrong things to you then you will know how to deal with that person. As per of me, A person with good personality will not say anything back to that person because he knows that if he says anything wrong to that person then it means that he has accepted the bad word of that person. He will ignore that person and this will greatly humiliate that person.

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4) makes you more practical: Personality development makes you more practical. You will start learning things practically and apply them as per your need. To become a successful person in your life it is very important to make yourself practical. If a practical person take decision in his life then he thinks both negative and positive things of that decision that’s why If a person take practical decisions there is high chances that the decision will be prove as correct.

5) Gives the ability to endure anything: If you want to achieve anything big in your life then it is 100% guaranteed that you will face many hard situations in the journey of your achievements. Some people are unable to bear that difficult situation so they fail in their journey of achievements. But personality development makes your personality such that you can tolerate any difficult situation in your life and take the best decisions in that situation.

Personality developed person will soon accept that a person who wants to achieve big in his life will have to face many difficult situations and sacrifice many dear things and all these things will make him stronger. That’s why they are always ready for the hard situations of their life and face them bravely when they come and they sacrifice everything they love but are not important in their journey of achievement. This is one of the biggest reason of all successful people in the world.

Personality development for students

These days every student is facing lack of personality in their body. They feel something missing in their behaviour and to heal that they do many things but they do not able to heal that because taking steps to improve personality is ok but taking steps in the right direction to improve student personality is great and give results very soon to students. Here in this article we are going to talk about the ways through which every student can develop their personality and get results soon:

1) Avoid social media: Social media is one of the biggest reason that is spoiling student’s life. Every day every student spent at least 4-5 hours over social media easily or more but If we tell them to read books then they will not be able to do that even half an hour properly and that’s all because social media. Through the following points you will able to know that how much social media is harmful for students:

  • It highly decreases your focus level
  • generates the problem of procrastination in students
  • helps to create to habit of delay work in student’s mind
  • 24*7days student feel headache
  • helps to not achieve anything in your life
  • helps you to make student dumb
  • highly responsible for negative thoughts in student’s mind
  • reduces power and capacity of your mind and make it weak
  • keeps you stagnant in your career and studies

Social media generates a chemical in our mind that is known as dopamine and this chemical generates at very high level in their mind when we and any student use social media and that’s why they do not want to leave social media and social media eats a lot of time of students.

This all things happen when a student use social media in wrong way. If they are just only doing time pass over social media then they will face a lot of problem but If they using that for their benefit then they can learn great things from this and can give good shape to their career.

You have to set a limited time for social media every day.

2) Let them do whatever they want to do: After one stage every student want and need freedom. Freedom to do that thing that they want to do, freedom to keep their points in front of others and their parents.

Many parents want that their child do the thing that they want but they forget to ask their child if he really wants to do that or not. If he wants to do that then no problem but if he does not want to do that and parents force their child and this thing can spoil his several years because if he will not be interested in that thing then how would he able to give his 100% in that thing and this thing can make him depressed also due to lack of mental satisfaction and parent’s pressure.

If parents let their child to do the thing that he wants then there is a lot of chances that he will live a good and luxurious life in the future because he will do that work by both heart and brain because he likes that work and want to do that. He will also able to give his 100% in that work.

If your parents pressuring you to do something that you do not want then you should talk to them. They will understand you surely.

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3) Read books: Always read books. Here I am not taking about study books. I am taking about the books that have capability to refresh your mind and you can only the one who can find that book because only the books which will be related to your interest can refresh your mind because you will be interested in that book.

Many students use social media after their study to refresh their mind but it leave bad impact in their mind. Students should develop a habit in their mind in which they use books to refresh their mind instead of social media. These books are only just for reading purpose. If you do this you will automatically gain some extra knowledge in your mind.

4) Get up early: Every student should get up early in the morning and take cold shower. It will keep them all day energetic and mindful. Student also do meditation at least 10 minutes in the morning. It is very helpful to control your mind thoughts, emotions.

These days students like late night sleep and late morning wake up. Sometimes it seems like students hate morning. But It is wrong. It will make them always sleepy throughout the day and the energy level of their body will always be low all day because of this. Every student should wake up early in the morning and their first priority should be their important and long work.

5) Follow rule 1,2,3,4 strictly: Many people follow the above points but they still not getting the results due to lack of consistency. Consistency is very important in any kind of work. It will be very hard for any student to replace their phone through a book but nothing can be impossible. You can do it. In the beginning you may feel some problems and your mind will try to stop you to do this but always remember one thing you should be the one who run your mind not your mind should be the one who runs you.

If you have any other problem let me know in the comment section. I will try to solve your problem as much as I can🙂🙂


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