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At a point of time both elon musk and amber heard were dating each other but in the same year they declare their break up too. Amber heard is an actress who has made many great movies in hollywood and elon musk is CEO of SpaceX and Tesla like big companies.

Both are from different background then how they meet? Let’s explore this first then we will go ahead. In 2012 musk started to show interest in amber heard as he request many people to do arrangements so that he and heard can meet via emails. At that time heard was dating Johnny deep.

First time amber heard and elon musk meet in year 2013 in real at the time of film Machete Kills. On 2nd May 2016, both met again second time at Met gala and they spend time together in that grand function. On 16 July 2016, rumors were started to spread that both are dating each other as people and media had seen them together many times. After that on 23rd April 2017, Amber heard and elon musk both announced their relationship officially via their Instagram accounts. Before musk heard was married to johnny deep but after some time she took divorce from him and started to date musk and officially announced the relationship with musk via her instagram account.

On 7th august 2017, Both couple were broke-up with each other. A source told in an interview that the reason behind this was their busy schedule. They enjoy their company but because of their busy schedule they were not able to give each other enough time that’s why they break up with each other.

What is Elon Musk’s relationship with Amber Heard?

Elon musk was boyfriend of amber heard at a time in 2017 but after dating 3-4 months both did break up with each other and reason behind this was told that because of their busy schedule. Both had did not enough time for each other that’s why they decided to split their paths.

But after four months of splitting up both again seen to kissing each other in a restaurant of los angeles and announces their relationship officially once again but in 2018 they again broke-up with each other and after their they are enjoying their own life and never been in any relation.

Is Amber Heard still in contact with Elon Musk?

Amber heard started to date Elon musk just after the divorce with Johnny deep. As per of sources both became friends after break up in 2018. That’s why, it can be happen that amber heard is still in contact with elon musk to talk and enjoy with his as like friend. But there is not any confirmed information that still they are contacting with each other.

Is Elon Musk the father of Amber’s baby?

Amber heard announces in public that she had a daughter named Oonagh Paige Heard by surrogacy in july 2021but the actual date of birth of baby girl is 8th April 2021. It has not confirmed yet that weather elon musk is father of baby or not. Although both had broke up with each other in year 2018. Heard has not said anything on it yet that’s why it will be not ok to say anything on it.


1) Did Elon Musk delete Amber Heard’s Twitter account?

Ans. After becoming CEO of twitter elon musk deleted account of amber heard from the twitter.

2) How long did Amber and Elon date?

Ans. 3-4 months

3) How old was Amber Heard when she dated Elon?

Ans. 36

4) how did elon musk and amber heard meet?

Ans. In year 2013, at the time of film Machete Kills.

5) are elon musk and amber heard enemies?

Ans. As per of sources, both became friends after break up.

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